Being Together, Eating Together, Moving Together!

Active family

One of the best things about blogging is getting the opportunity to work with initiatives that matter. Together Counts™ is something I believe in and have grown very fond of since becoming an ambassador for them in 2012. If you have never heard of Together Counts™ check out their website for all the details but the gist of their mission is to spread the message of energy balance and to encourage families to eat together and get active together. I am thrilled to say I have signed on for another year of Together Counts™ and look forward to writing more about active families and energy balance.  TogetherCountsBadge

I am a huge promoter of the family meal as well as being active as a family as well being an active role model for your kids. I also think the idea of energy balance is such a wonderful way to teach our kids about a healthy lifestyle without falling into the extremes of dieting or being at the gym every day for hours. Check the articles I shared on the Together Counts™ Blog in 2013 , you might  even recognize a few regular little faces.

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What is your favorite way to get active with your kids?