Alphabet Peg Dolls – Alphabet For Starters

Letter Crafts For Kids

 After reading to your child daily the best advice is to surround your child with a print rich environment.  Point out the letters all around you, read recipes, read food boxes, read the letters you see around you and show them to your child and play with letters. There is no need for flash cards when you are learning all the time. These alphabet peg dolls were made because my daughter loves babies so I made her some babies with letters to play with. This is the 4th part in our series Alphabet For Starters – easy and fun ways to introduce letters to your little learner.

  1. Gather your materials. I am using left over Martha Stewart Craft Paint from my Mother’s Day Bag I made. However you can use any paint made for wood. Read the instructions to see if it requires a sealant etc… ours didn’t which is good because I didn’t have any. Also make sure it’s non toxic because even though I am not suggesting these dolls go in any mouths , you still want to be as safe as possible.  I also used painter’s tape, wood peg clothes pins, and a few brushes.alphabet  crafts
  2. Start by taping off a section of the doll. This will be where you paint the letter later.letter recognition
  3. Next start painting. I painted in batches. You can paint however you want but I started with the mouths.
  4. Then I added hair, and a body color. I am clearly not an artist but my daughter doesn’t care at all. 
  5. When dry peel off the tape.
  6. Paint the letters on and let dry.
  7. Play ! 

Some ways we have played with these dolls :

  • Put them in a bag and discover them one at a time.
  • Play with them in the doll house.
  • Hide them in the family room and go on a hunt to find them.
  • Count them.
  • Make them kiss . My daughter grabs them , makes them kiss then I ask which two are kissing and she tells me. Not a bad game !

Alphabet Board Books

ABC, Baby Me! by Susan B. Katz is a great Alphabet book for babies and toddlers. My daughter grabbed it from the board book cart at the library today and started chanting ” ead, ead, ead!” right away. I was so delighted and so was she as we flipped all the pages to see babies and parents in every day situations from A to Z. The illustrations are sweet and soft and inviting for little readers.

Flora McDonnell’s ABC by Flora McDonnell is a great board book for babies through the toddler years. It couldn’t be a simpler book but the vivid illustrations and the very deliberate limited number of objects per page is perfect for our youngest readers. Each page has two items for each letter and that was the perfect amount to point out with my daughter who is 20 months. It kept her attention but didn’t overwhelm her.

Winnie-The-Pooh’s ABC Book Inspired by A.A. Milne is a simple book that will be a hit with Winnie-the-Pooh fan in your house. There is nothing extra special about the writing in this book but it’s cute , simple and filled with illustrations from the original Winnie-the-Pooh.