Best of 2010



2010 was the year I discovered the greatest gifts I can give my readers aren’t giveaways, or even my activities but access to all sorts of blogs, new ways to connect with their own family and community. Our Summer Reading Challenge, introduction of two new contributing writers, A Month of Giving (watch for it’s wrap up this weekend) and our Sunday Best Link Up were all turning points for 2010. I wrote a purpose for this blog in 2008 ,almost 3 years later I still feel like we are achieving it but it went from me to we in 2010.  Thank you for participating and I hope that 2011 follows 2010’s lead and runs with it!

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Best of 2010


Quiet Time 1-2-3

I am so proud of this post. It was out of the ordinary for me writing more from the perspective of a mom rather than a teacher. We sadly gave up nap in 2010 and while I wept (literally) I still had to figure something out to encourage my son to play quietly so mommy didn’t go over the edge. This post explains our approach to quiet time and earned me many many thank you emails, comments and I hope it’s sparked happier quiet times for many families.

What activities do your kids like during quiet time?

Best Of 2010

# 3

Sensory Tubs

The jury was split on which sensory tub was the best , but many of you have emailed me saying you’d never expect your 5 and 6 years olds to still enjoy what seems like an activity for much younger kids. Sensory tubs are amazing, themed or simple with a single filling, kids love them. They spark imaginative play, they encourage cooperative with groups as well as a truck load of pre math skills too.

Which sensory tub was your favorite?

Best Of 2010


Baby’s 1st

2010 was a wonderful year for our family as we welcomed our daughter into our family and to art time as well. Other than giveaways the post announcing her birth was the most commented on post of  2010. Her first art project though received an incredible amount of views despite being written near the end of the year. I loved getting so many emails and comments about the post inspiring parents to do projects with their infants. 2011 will be filled with  with my youngest getting messy and exploring with her brother and I.

How old were your children when they starting exploring with art?

Best of 2010


Driveway Graffiti

This post from contributing writer Kim got such an enthusiastic response. I love to think of all the driveways that got facelifts because of this fun and messy activity.  I loved the combination of art and physical activity a perfect outdoor project!  If you haven’t already you will want to bookmark it for a nice day.

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