Crafts & Activities for Kids {Add your links}


It’s Sunday which means it’s time to link up and show me and my readers what you have been up to.

I’ve had a huge week and want to share an exciting development with you. Over the past many months I have been writing a book tentatively titled ” 75 Tricks To Raise A Rockstar Reader” with Amy Mascott from, to be published by Scholastic in 2016.  On Monday the book deal was announced in Publisher’s Weekly. I will keep you all updated about developments with the book and until then you can still find great creative hands on ideas here on the blog, my Facebook, Pinterest, and don’t forget about Instagram !

Have a great week – and don’t be shy if you are super proud of more than one post from this week , add more!  Let’s make Link & Learn a great cheat sheet for readers.

Easter Crafts { Add Yours! }

kids activities

Pinterest is on fire with adorable spring and Easter activities for kids so I know that you have a bunch to share.  We have a fun Easter craft coming on Monday so swing back to check it out. Until then browse the fantastic ideas from everyone else and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more ideas or kids and other random things I think are rad.

Let’s see what you have! Link up and share. Oh and as always the title is just a suggestion. Please feel free to share all kinds of activities!

Crafts and Activities For Kids { Add Yours!}

kids crafts

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year because my kids love dressing up and creating crafts for me to display. Do you have Halloween crafts and activities to share? If you do please link them up but if not I still hope you link up anything you think my readers might enjoy.

If you are stumbling across Link & Learn for the first time welcome!  There are no hoops to jump through just link up a blog post that is fun and family friendly.

Summer Activities Link Up { add your post! }

kids crafts


How have you been staying busy this summer? Do you have great ideas to share with No Time For Flash Card readers? Add a link or two to your fun activity posts, kids crafts, and book recommendations. If you have never linked up to Link & Learn before don’t be shy. The more the merrier so jump right in.

Every summer I focus much of my time and energy on summer reading. Monday night you can join me and Scholastic for a fun Twitter chat talking about how you can re-energize summer reading with your kids.  We will share tips, tricks, and of course ask parents what works for them. Check out the invite below and don’t miss my literacy focused articles and activities over at Scholastic Parent’s Raise A Reader blog. reenergizesummerreading-v2