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spring crafts for kids

We have started spotting butterflies in our yard when we are outside playing and I am so happy that my son still stops what he is doing to watch them flutter by. This is a classic kids craft but by using the colored glue we made and glitter it’s a little special even for a jaded crafter like my son . I like how the colored glue can be seen through the wings and in the window it looks like a sun catcher.  My kids had a ball and I think it was a great reminder that classic crafts are classic for a reason.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some coffee filters, some colored glue, glitter and pipe cleaners. My kids love the sparkly ones from . Also when we are doing glitter I like to shake it into a bow lid, or other  container to keep it a little contained.spring crafts for kids
  2. Start by drizzling the glue all over the coffee filter.  While my daughter did this my son was playing nearby. craft for kids
  3. She loved squeezing the glue and we took the opportunity to talk about colors too. crafts for kids
  4. Add the glitter! She was tame compared to her brother …. you’ll see what I mean in a bit. kids crafts
  5. She was happy with one so I invited my son who wasn’t ready yet.  So we played for a while then started the craft. This worked well because I got my daughter engaged so she was happily playing alone when my son decided he was ready. He wanted to make a monarch butterfly because they migrate. OK. So he was trying to mix the red and yellow paint to make orange.
  6. And guess who decided she wanted to make another. I only had one box and my son was using it so I gave my daughter about 5 layers of coffee fliter so the colored glue didn’t seep through to the unprotected table. It worked well.toddlers love crafts
  7. Then he added glitter.
  8. And he went bananas.  He made up a silly song about glitter and had us all giggling. Yes it was a mess but it was funny and silly and happy and I am a total sucker for funny.
  9. We let them dry over night ( on way paper so the glue that ran through the filters wouldn’t stain anything). Did you really think I’d have a post without at least one of my kids in PJs?
  10. Then wound the pipe cleaners around them.
  11. Put them in the window .

I still have glitter to clean up – my son helped but I think he just spread it. The library may get a few books returned that shine figuratively and literally.



The little caterpillar snuggled on a leaf,
Spun a little chrysalis and then fell asleep,
While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly,
When she woke up she was a butterfly.

Butterfly Fairy Wand

After reading  Speakaboo’s Sleeping Beauty on our iPod with the MeMeTales Mobile Reader App I was inspired to make a fairy wand to go along with the fairies in the story. I wanted to show parents how easy a fun and very sparkly wand can be to make .  I asked my son if he wanted to be a part of this craft and I got a resounding ” No.”  Even after I suggested making it a Bat-wand he wasn’t convinced. So I made it myself and even though I have no need for a fairy wand i have to say I have been casting some awesome spells with it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some sticky back foam if it’s sparkly even better! You will also need a drinking straw ( milkshake ones work great), a pen or marker, scissors and curling ribbon.
  2. Start by drawing a butterfly ( or shape of your choice) on the backing of your foam.
  3. Cut out and use as a stencil for the other side. We used two different colors of foam but using the same is a great choice as well.
  4. Peel the back off the foam, press the straw into it.
  5. Sandwich the straw in between the foam.
  6. Add the ribbon.
  7. Curl the ribbon on the edge of the scissors blade ( adults only please).
  8. Now cast some stupendous spells!


Sleeping Beauty
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Sleeping Beauty

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As mentioned above the inspiration for this craft came from Sleeping Beauty by Speakaboos , which we actually listened to using our MeMeTales App instead of reading our selves which was a fun change of pace.  Books are so versatile and reading, listening or playing with them are all ways to immerse your kids into a life long love of stories and the written word.

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Butterfly Crafts For Kids

When I think of all the things I look forward to as the days get warmer and the flowers start blooming butterflies are at the top of my list. They are a fantastic spring theme for teaching life cycles, about bugs ( especially for those kinds not interested in creepy crawlies) and art lessons about mirror images. Oh and butterfly crafts are just fun and beautiful to make!

The Band Aid Butterflies were such a hit last year we made them multiple times, they are quick, low mess and kids get a kick out of using first aid supplies for a craft.

Hand Print Butterfly

This butterfly offers lots of opportunity to use fine motor skills and makes a cute keepsake too.

Doily Dragonfly

Ok so this one is a dragonfly but it’s so pretty! Make a few adjustments and bam! You have a butterfly.

Lightning Bugs

Ok another technicality these are actually lightning bugs but they could pass for butterflies!

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