Simple Q-Tip Painted Christmas Tree

Christmas art project Q-Tips are one of my favorite painting tools. Christmas trees all lit up for Christmas are possibly my daughter’s favorite thing ever. This is a fun craft that isn’t too structured but offers kids the opportunity to work on fine motor skills while getting to decorate a Christmas tree just the way they want.Although my daughter dotted the q-tip encourage your child to use the q-tip however they see fit.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some construction paper in green and another in black. White and various colors of paint, scissors and a glue stick. You may also want some extra sheets of paper for extra exploration after.
  2. Start by painting the snow scene by using only white paint on black paper. While it looks like snow to us to my 2 year old it was just polka dots and that is cool!
  3. While they paint the background cut the green paper into a Christmas tree.
  4. While her dots dried I gave her a 2nd piece of paper to paint she chose her hands as the tools this time. With toddlers especially always have extras on hand of everything. Emotions are high and their hands don’t always do what they want and art time should be fun not upsetting. I like it because it balances a little structure with a lot of open ended.
  5. After the background is mostly dry add glue to the tree.
  6. Glue it on to the background.
  7. Add colored paint.  When we paint with Q-tips I like using the lids of the paint jars as mini paint plates. You don’t need much paint and you don’t waste much doing it this way. Just make sure you have one Q-Tip per color.
  8. Let dry and grab another extra sheet to finger paint some more.

11 Easy Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

christmas crafts for kids I love Christmas crafts and kids love making them. These Christmas tree crafts are all easy to do , inexpensive to make and educational too. Some make great add ons to Christmas gifts, can be used as gift tags or even ornaments. Many of these are the lucky crafts I actually keep and dig out every year to display and reminisce with my kids. Here are our favorites .

Recycled Christmas Tree Craft
Craft By Numbers – Pom Pom Tree
Salad Spinner Tree Ornament
Baby’s First Christmas Tree Craft
Fork Painted Christmas Tree
Shape Christmas Tree Craft
Button and Nail Christmas Tree
Hawaiian Christmas Tree
Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree
Ice Cream Cone and Candy Christmas Trees
Sticky Wall Christmas Tree

Bubble Wrap Christmas Trees

This was supposed to be a craft just for my daughter, but when my son and his friend saw what we were doing they jumped in too.  I was not planning on 3 kids doing it all at once so it was a little chaotic but the playroom and all the kids survived… remember to use washable paint .  The kids have all used bubble wrap to print on things before so switching it so they painted the bubble wrap was new and a big hit.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some bubble wrap, paint, painter’s tape, paint brushes , heavy paper ( paper grocery bags are perfect), a pencil and scissors.
  2. Start by taping the bubble wrap to the work surface with the painter’s tape.
  3. Next paint the bubble wrap with green. For my toddler I gave her a big brush for the green to encourage coverage. She was encouraged …
  4. Next add the lights colors. Let kids decide which colors they want, this helps with color recognition too.
  5. Ok this is when the boys busted in pretending to be Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader ( I know impossible right… not for two imaginative 5 year olds! ) and grabbed some brushes.
  6. Keep painting the wrap.
  7. Draw some trees on the paper and cut out.
  8. Press the paper into the wrap and peel back carefully.
  9. For my toddler I left the paper big so she could do as much as possible herself , the small tree would have probably gotten ripped. Leaving it big let her do it herself feeling the wrap under the paper and “bang banging” her hand to make the print.
  10. Let dry and cut out the tree shape for the toddler. 
  11. Hang up and show off the fun ( and wee bit of chaos…) remember washable paints!