Bug Activities For Toddlers

bug ideas for toddlers Toddlers love bugs. I have often thought about what it is about bugs that interests children so much and I think it’s that they are so accessible. No matter where you live you live near some bugs. These bug activities were all done with at least one of my children when they were a toddler. For me that is from about 18 months until 3 , but these activities would be fun for older kids too. It’s easy to find books about bugs for toddlers as well and you can find some of my favorite in this book list about bugs.

bug crafts for toddlers

Ribbon Butterfly
Ladybug Song
Worm Painting
Paper Plate Butterfly

play dough bug imprints for preschool
Playdough Bug Fossils
Letter B Bee
Coffee Filter Snails
Indoor Bug Hunt

spider web walking
Spider Web Gross Motor Activity
Caterpillar C
Paper Plate Ladybug
Color Matching Butterflies

Bug Painting For Toddlers
Playdough Bug Sculptures
Egg Carton Caterpillar
Paper Plate Spider
Hand Print Butterfly


Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Happy Halloween! If you are in a pinch for an activity for today don’t worry below you will find the 5 easiest Halloween crafts for kids. Waiting until it’s time to go trick or treating can be torture. Keep your kids busy and chill before the excitement hits with these fun crafts.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Prints
Candy Corn Collage
Ghost Cookie Cutter Prints
Easy Peasy Spider Cookies
Hand Print Bat