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We don’t go back to school for a while yet but I know most of you are already getting used to your new schedules, teachers, and routines. I thought you might like to reminisce all the fun you’ve had learning over the summer. Although you are always free to share whatever you like, I invite you to link up your best of Summer 2011 this week.  If you are new don’t be shy, add your best post of the week and check out the fantastic ideas shared by other participants.

Have a wonderful week!

Superhero School – Learning Activities

super hero school quite time activities

This activity doesn’t just have to be for superheroes, any theme could be turned into a “school” from fairies, to dog trainers, firefighter to princesses! This model is a fun way to work on basic skills that kids tend to get sloppy on during the summer when days are filled with more exuberant play. Spending a quiet time here or there still playing but working on skills at the same time helps kids stay on track while having fun. So turn learning activities into a super fun school with this model.

  1. Before you gather your materials decide what skills you want to work on. Math, Letter recognition, Sight Words, Fine Motor, Patterning...  you choose. Try to make sure that you don’t overwhelm your child, 2-3 options is probably enough.Remember to you aren’t testing your child you are using pretend play and activities to learn and have fun.
  2. Gather the materials needed for the “school ” of your choice. I wanted to work on my son’s fine motor, writing and counting.pom pom match
  3. Our first lesson was “Bomb Squad” . His goal was to pick out the yellow, green and blue bombs ( aka pompoms) from the container to keep the city safe!  What this teaches is color recognition, counting and using the tongs is great for fine motor.fine motor skills
  4. Next up we had “Power Station” a super simple math activity that he places the correct number of stickers in the columns. Also I again worked in fine motor with the action of peeling the sticker off. I’m so tricky yo.shs5
  5. Finally I decorated a workbook to look like a Batman journal to encourage some superhero reports. My son is not the most excited writer so anything that will encourage it without pushing is something I look for. This did the trick .shs6
  6. Do not be empty handed after the tasks are completed – I made him a super fast medal like the family medals we made a while back to congratulate him on completing his super hero training!shs7

Super Hero Board Book

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My First Batman Book: Touch and Feel by David Katz.

I am just reviewing one book today because I want to really focus on it. It’s a rare find. A board book , a touch and feel no less,  about Batman. Trust me it’s rare, I squealed when I found it at the library and could not believe what a treat it was to read with both my kids. It’s not secret my son ( the one in the improvised Batman mask above) is into super heroes, he is also into books and I want to encourage that. However some of the books are so violent and I don’t want to expose him to all that at 4.5 , he is just too young for my comfort zone. For beginning readers there are some great I Can Read books but for even younger children pickings are super slim. Luckily there is this book. It’s sturdy, it’s age appropriate and it even glows in the dark!

Letter of The Week – Letter E Theme

letter e activities Letter of the week theme posts continue with letter E. The goal of theme posts are to provide all your choices in one spot, not as a guide to do them all. Pick and choose what will appeal to your child the most and remember to have fun playing with these letters. If you are doing a letter other than E this week check out our Letter of The Week section to find even more letters to create and learn.

{Letter Ee Crafts}

Earth e Egg E Elephant E Envelope E

{Crafts Starting With E}

Earth MuffinsEarth Tambourine –  Coffee Filter Earth –  Playdough EarthPuffy Paint EarthRecycled EarthEggs –  Elephant –  Eye

{Alphabet Activities}

Keep your letter of the week in context by exploring whole alphabet activities.
We have many to choose from for various abilities and learning styles.