Magic Nuudles Creations { simple summer crafts}

magic nuudles - simple summer craftsI ran out of paint last week and while buying some new colors I spotted these Magic Nuudles at the craft store. Now before we go any further I have to tell you this isn’t a sponsored post. I just grabbed something and thought my kids might like it. When they did I decided to share.  Last weekend my kids decided to get up at 5:45. Fun times since I was working on my newsletter until 2am.  At 7:30 we’d already watched TV, read books and I was too exhausted to throw together a big project. Then I remembered I had these Nuudles. These are a perfect simple summer craft and I am adding it to our list – you can see the others here. 

nuudlesI quickly read the package and grabbed some plates and soaked a few paper towels to make little wetting stations. The Magic Nuudles stick together if you wet them but please do not let your kids wet them on their tongue. They dissolve but can still pose a chocking hazard. magic nuudles are cool


I laid out a huge bowl and let them create. I  played with them and of course made some letters.magic nuudles letters

My son made weapons. magic nuddles fun

My daughter made a magic wandmagic nuudles magic wand and then I helped her make a “Horrrrrrible Spiiiider!! ” magic nuudles family time

This wasn’t a planned post but they sat and enjoyed these for so long that I knew I had to share.  I have them in a bag stashed in the dining room so I can grab them quickly when I need to. magic nuudles fun

What is your favorite easy to set up go to activity? Tell us in comments or share it with us on Facebook !

Tea Party Place Mat Craft & Pretend Play

Tea parties are a big part of our daily pretend play. My daughter loves hosting them for her dad and brother and I thought it was time to jazz our tea parties up a little. This tea party place mat craft for kids is seriously simple! Stickers are such a great art material once kids have passed the ” I will eat everything I touch” phase. They offer wonderful fine motor development and at an age where everything turns into a huge mess stickers are virtually mess free.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a tea set ( play or real if you have it) , some party napkins , clear contact paper, stickers ,and scissors. I also grabbed a few real cookies as a surprise for our guests at the tea party.
  2. Start by putting stickers on your napkins. She was very specific about which stickers she would put on each place mat since she was making them for her dad and brother. I made one for myself at the same time. Crafting along side toddlers is a great way to model how to do the craft without direct instruction and those power struggles that toddlers are so famous for. 
  3. After she decided they all had just the right stickers on them I cut a large piece of contact paper  and laid the napkins sticker side down on it.
  4. Then added a second on top to sandwich the napkins between the sheets of contact paper. Make sure the napkins have enough space between them so you can trim .Pressed and cut .
  5. Then it was time to set the table.
  6. All ready! Time to invite the guests.
  7. Play!
  8. I hid the Oreos in the play kitchen and after everyone was seated I told her to open the oven and get the cookies. Of course everyone thought I was referring to play cookies and it was great to see such a simple surprise delight all the guests.
  9. The play continued until my son invited us to a Lego building party in his room. Which was fun but as you can see not quite as refined as our tea party.



Ninja Nunchucks Craft

crafts for boys Ninjas are big at our house right now but this ninja nunchucks craft is a blast from my past. When I was 13 I volunteered at day camps and this was actually the very first craft I made for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed camp. I know I just dated myself , it was 1990 and my life path was forming for sure. Now I know this craft won’t be for everyone but with strict rules about not using it on anyone and with supervision ( like all activities on our site) it’s really fun! As you will see I also squeezed in some really important skill practice too.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut in two. You can paint the rolls if you want just make sure they are completely dry before you proceed because this is a craft that will get played with as soon as it’s done. We used markers but use whatever you want. You’ll also need some ribbon and a hole punch.crafts for kids
  2. Start by coloring your rolls.crafts for kids
  3. This is why I love doing crafts with my kids , he told me all about ninjas while he was crafts
  4. One down one roll to go. If your kids want stickers, glitter or sticky back foam use them too. I offered all of the above but my son just wanted to use the very special permanent markers.
  5. Time for the hole punch. Think he was excited?
  6. It was tough! Using one hole punches are great for building hand strength which is important for writing.
  7. Punch two holes in one end of each roll .
  8. I was just going to thread the ribbon through but earlier when my son was telling me about ninjas he told me that real nunchucks have a chain so to make it look more like a chain we tied knots. This is also great for hand eye coordination and our ongoing shoe lace tying attempts!
  9. Now thread it through the ends.
  10. Tie
  11. Ninja time!