Spooky Estimation Jars

halloween estimation jars for kidsWhen I was asked to participate in this campaign re-creating one of  Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club featured crafts I immediately was drawn to the Spooky Apothecary Jars and knew just how to turn this rad craft into awesome learning! I use Dollar Tree all the time for craft supplies and even pop in just to brainstorm. Their new Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club is a free resource that updates monthly and is filled with craft ideas, recipes ,and other fun frugal tips.

For the full how to check out Value Seekers Club and scroll down to the Spooky Apothecary Jars . I added in gummy worms, plastic creepy crawlies, and eyeballs. I also included a small chalkboard and chalk for writing down our estimations and results. I omitted the labels because I didn’t want to obstruct the view of the items inside.

After gluing the jars to the candlesticks  and letting them dry I filled the jars with gummy worms, plastic eyeballs, and plastic creepy crawlies.

Invite your little mathematicians to come make some estimations! My kids were thrilled to see gummy worms so early on a Saturday morning.halloween estimation jars for kids how to

Write down your estimates.

Open up the jars and empty out the contents.

Count and record the result. We were close with the eyeballs and creepy crawlies but way off with the worms.

Math can be fun and including a holiday theme is a great way to bring excitement to basic math.

halloween math for preschool

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Jar Of Hearts – Valentine’s Day Math Printable

valentine's day math for kidsThis is another part of our learning after school series. I try to engage my son in fun things after school and when I asked him what he wanted to work on he said math. He loves math and comes by it very very naturally. His dad has a bachelors degree in engineering with a minor in math and a MBA in finance. Yeah numbers are well loved in our house . Even I love math although I didn’t always. It wasn’t until I was teaching it to students that I found the fun in numbers.

      1. Gather your materials. You will need a jar , some hearts ( any hearts will do – we used foam ones but paper, heart erasers, heart candies will all work), The printable found here and again below and a pencil with an eraser.valentine's day math activity for kids
      2. Start by printing out the printable – click here or on the image for download. It looks grainy in the pdf but it’s clear when downloaded.

        jar of hearts printable

      3. Lay out the sheet, pencil and hearts and let your little math whiz at it. Of course this is more than just a math lesson. My son is working on writing numbers in kindergarten right now and this is my tricky way of practicing without making him write them over and over again. If the 8 questions are too much do 2 or 3 and put it away for a day or two and complete the rest after. Learning isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon so go slow if needed! He estimatedvalentine's day math for kids 1, countedvalentine's day math lesson, sortedvalentine's day math sorting hearts and counted valentine's day math lesson for kidsand wrote some more. valentine's day math writing

How Many? Estimating Activity

estimation station for kids uo

Every day items make great math manipulatives . When my son’s preschool class did a similar lesson using nice counting bears I knew I wanted to do it at home but with stuff I already had in my art closet.  This activity was great because it gave my son a chance to do things he loves like estimate and count as well as things he resists doing like writing . All with things I had around the house!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some jars or clear plastic containers, small items to pop in them , paper, a pencil, and a clip board. For some reason if I put paper on a clip board my son is way more excited to write than plain old paper.
  2. Start by filling the jars with small objects.  I used corks, pom poms and plastic frog toys. Make sure there are enough to make it a little challenging, they shouldn’t be able to easily count the manipulatives when they are in the jar. 
  3. Write a simple chart to record the items are in each jar . We only recorded the estimates but you can also write the results. I want to encourage my son to write but without pushing.
  4. Time to estimate!
  5. Write it down.
  6. Open and count.
  7. Repeat with other jars .