Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

He’s 5 . How is my little guy 5 years old? People keep telling me that soon he will be taller than me and I will be looking up as I discipline. I am 5’4 I know my days are numbered. He was born on Thanksgiving 2006 and today on the eve of the holiday this year I am devoting my post to the little guy who made me a mom, took me away from teaching in a class and sparked so many things I never expected to be part of my life including this blog.


Below are links to his favorite crafts and activities , I hope one ( or more ) of them bring you as much joy to share them with your kids as it brought us.angry-birds

Nothing beats this Angry Birds Waterballoon Game. He loved this. We played a handful of times before we moved and the weather turned. We will be playing again once warmer weather comes back.

Knight’s Shield. After we moved this summer this never left his side. He slept with it on his night stand, he had it next to him at meals. Although I doubt it was conscious this was his security blanket until he was comfortable in our new digs. It’s now happily lumped in with his sister’s Dora toys,  and the others in the family room toy basket.

Puffy Paint Moon. This has been up in his room since the moment it dried. A big puffy moon to gaze at as we chat about our day at bedtime even if we can’t see the real one every night in the grey Pacific North West sky.

This Scrap Paper Rainbow is more one of MY favorites but it’s also his very first craft. Although I don’t think it was posted as our first, it was the first he helped me do for the blog. I wish I’d kept it!

This roadway and the 2nd version using an up cycled kitchen mat are used daily at our house still. Not bad for a craft!

And are you shocked that this Ice Cream Taste Test made the cut?

Happy Birthday Big Boy – I love you even especially with playdough on your head.