Kiwi Crate – Holiday Crafts Made Simple!

kiwi crate holiday crates When I was first asked to check out Kiwi Crate I was reluctant because I try to encourage parents to use what they have and do it all themselves. The reality for most of us is that we are busy and even if you can get all the supplies at a local store getting them doesn’t always fit in your schedule. Even the craftiest do it yourselfer can use a little extra time this time of year , I know I can. This is what I think Kiwi Crate is absolutely perfect for.

If you aren’t already familiar with Kiwi Crate what they offer families are complete craft kits by way of a subscription or special kits like the one we received you can buy a la carte from their celebration shop.  These kits are beautiful , come with ample supplies ( I was not expecting this ) and great easy to follow directions that early readers can handle solo. They have a great FAQ section for all the specifics too.

I will be completely honest I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did. I am kind of like a 2 year old who stamps her feet and throws directions on the floor in order to do it all herself so kits aren’t normally my thing. The crafts were so well created to have the ability to be very open ended for the kids who crave freedom while creating and yet have enough structure for the kits who would feel lost without them. As I said there was ample supplies too so those who want to do their own thing aren’t left searching for materials .

We got a chance to play with the Crafty Christmas holiday crate and made both the paint swirled ornaments and the ginger bread house.

The ornaments took a few minutes to make but both my kids enjoyed them and took great pride in doing it themselves. I liked that the kit included 3 ornaments.I made one too!

Then my daughter and I made the gingerbread house. I should have skipped the one with candy she made with her grandparents ( and has been sneaking candies off of since!) and just made this cardboard one. It was fun and even though she is obviously younger than the average crafter I didn’t have to help that much at all.

My overall thoughts about Kiwi Crate is that they are beautiful, well made and perfect for busy families who want to craft but need someone else to do the grunt work for them. So that’s pretty much most of us !

I was compensated for this review by Kiwi Crate. The opinions and kids are mine.

Grandad and Gingerbread 2010

Last year my son and my dad made a gingerbread house for fun and this year they cemented it as a tradition for years to come. It’s so important to have  traditions and special events only for certain special people in your children’s lives. I am not surprised at all that I was exiled upstairs to nurse and have some alone time with my daughter while he made the house with my parents.  I didn’t mind one bit. I hope your holiday season is filled with special events likes these.

You will need an over excited child, a more than willing to let said child eat far too much candy grandparent and another lenient grand parent to take the photos. Oh and a pre made ginger bread house, and extra candies that were suppose to be for the house but you suspect may just be for your kid.

Before they cracked open the house  I put my son  to work sorting the chocolate rocks for the path, and after they were done decorating my dad commented on how when he started a pattern with the candies  my son kept it going. There was learning in this activity for sure , not to mention fire motor exercise too picking up and placing the candies. Honestly though I couldn’t care less about the learning because that is not what this activity was about. It was about strengthening family bonds, creating tradition and making memories that will last longer than any craft or project, even cool ones with glitter.