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Title Picby Kim

Ninjas, especially LEGO Ninjago, are very big at my house.  My 6 year old is very into them and so is his 4 year old sister.  My son takes martial arts classes, so the interest is even more strengthened.

The idea for this project started with my 4 year old daughter wanting to be a yellow ninja. If any of you watch the Ninjago show then you know the girl in the show is actually a seriously awesome samurai, but my daughter simply has to be a ninja.  So we made her a yellow Ninjago ninja and named it.  This activity was such a hit. My son now wants to make these for his birthday invitations.


All you will need are construction paper, scissors, glue, and a pencil.Trace bowl


Trace a bowl or lid to make a circle on the construction paper.  This will be the color of your ninja.

Cut out circle

Let your child cut out the circle.

Glue rectangle

Then cut a rectangle out of yellow construction paper.  Glue the rectangle to your colored circle.


While the children are gluing on the rectangle, you can be cutting out smaller circles and rectangles.  You may want to cut these out before the activity starts.

Glue eyes

Have your children glue on the eyes inside of the rectangle.

almost finished face

At this point I had my children look at our ninja faces and compare them to the Ninjago faces we were referencing.  I asked them to figure out what was missing.  Instantly they noticed the eyebrows.

Glue on eyebrows

Now glue on the eyebrows.  At first my children put them on straight and separated from the eyes, but noticed it looked off.  They mimicked the eyebrows of a real Ninjago ninjas by angling and connecting the eyebrows to the eyes. It was truly neat to watch them compare and make adjustments.

Ninja face

They finished their ninjas with great pride.


FUN VARIATION: Make your ninja out of craft foam and use them as bath toys because they will float and stick to the tub when wet.  Who doesn’t love a good ninja bath?

Kim is a contributing writer for No Time For Flash Cards, a mom to a toddler, a preschooler, and a first grader, too! She juggles her day by trying out fun activities and crafts with the kids. After all, she is just a big kid herself. See what she has been up to over at Mom Tried It.

Shape Wreath { perfect for bedroom doors!}

christmas craft for kids Shapes are such a simple way of sneaking some math into creative projects and that is exactly what I did with my kids when we made Christmas wreaths for their bedroom doors. You could make this a patterning lesson as well . The main goal with this project though wasn’t to learn the difference between a triangle and square it was to create something for my kids to decorate their own doors with. I remember feeling so grown up with my own wreath and I hope my kids feel the pride in decorating their own space too.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard , green paint, glue, shape cut outs like these wood ones and felt stars from and ribbon.
  2. Start by cutting out a wreath from cardboard. I used a salad bowl for the outside and a soup bowl for the inner one.
  3. Next get the table ready for painting. At first I had it like this. Way better for picture taking… but a table like this is way better for having fun and no one worrying about mess.
  4. Add kids and paint.
  5. Let the paint dry . Ours only took about 15 minutes to dry enough to glue. We played doll house and made Lego presents for our Little People while we waited.
  6. Now it’s time to glue and add some shapes.
  7. The mix of felt stickers and wood shapes were fun for my toddler to explore. But my favorite part was the conversation between the two of them. Listening to them talk and craft at the same time makes me so happy.
  8. Let the wreaths dry and add ribbons.Wait a full day before hanging up just to be sure everything stays put.

 Christmas Books

Oh, What a Christmas!by Micheal Garland is a sweet story about how Santa made do when the unexpected happened. As we all know reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh but when the reins break and Santa comes crashing down they are nowhere to be seen! Luckily a rag tag group of fam animals step in and save the day. The message that it’s not the reindeer but rather the magic that makes the difference is loud and clear . I like how this book can also open a dialog about how even special days can have unexpected bumps and you make do with what you have , just like Santa in this story.

Santa Duck and His Merry Helpersby David Milgrim is really funny. Santa duck is the duck liaison to Santa and he goes around to find out what all the other ducks want for Christmas. His younger siblings want in on the action too and start telling ducks that they can get them bigger and better gifts in an effort to out Santa Santa Duck.  Santa Duck explains that bigger and better gifts is not what Christmas is about . Christmas is about giving and sharing with your family. My son who is 6 and I both laughed at the smart alec ducks and while rude and annoying in many ways they were right when they said Santa Duck was hogging all the fun by being the only duck allowed to dress as Santa and be his helper.  Cute book !

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15 Shape Crafts For Kids

15 shape crafts for kids

Creating with shapes to make a bigger creation has been an activity I have done for years at home and in the classroom. If your child decides that they want to create something other than the end product you intended encourage it! They are still playing with, manipulating and getting a hands on experience with shapes which is the goal, the end product isn’t. Some kids like my son want an end goal to work towards to get started , so here are some fun projects to inspire your shape creations.

Shape House. Fantastic for basic shapes and little hands.
Shape Dinosaur. Make shapes exciting for your little paleontologist.
Shape Sail Boat. Set sail while learning about geometry.
Shape Pizza . Add shape toppings to your circle crust.
Shape Trash Truck . Perfect for those kids who go batty on garbage day.
Shape Bulldozer. What can I say my son likes big trucks.
Shape Banjo. Great way to mix math with art and music.
Shape Castle. Make it big and detailed or simple just don’t forget the glitter!
Shape Firetruck. Firetrucks were the big thing around here for a long time.
Shape Snake .
Make a little one or a huge long snake full of all sorts of shapes.
Mining For Shapes.
Play pretend while learning about shapes too.
Shape Skyscraper.
Sort your shapes and make a 3D building with them.
Shape 4 Leaf Clover.
Get ready for St.Patrick’s Day with this fun shape craft.
Shape Sorting. An easy introduction for young preschoolers.
Shape Princess. For your princess obsessed kiddos.