Win 20 Picture Book Favorites from MeMeTales

All week we have been celebrating MeMeTales new Mobile Reader App ‘s launch but really what I have been celebrating are the expanded options that kids have for reading favorite stories. One option I hope every child gets every day is to cuddle up next to someone they love and read some great books. In the spirit of celebrating reading MeMeTales is giving away a prize pack of 20 of my favorite picture books. The full list ( click to see ) includes In The Town All Year Round, Whoever You Are , Freight Train, Anamalia , Corduroy and 15 more!

MeMeTales’s philosophy is to make reading “The funnest ever!”  And having 20 new books is a great way to start having fun.

How To Enter

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is answer How do you make reading fun at your house? Leave a comment telling us the answer and you will be entered into to win this wonderful prize that celebrates literacy at home.

Extra entries- up to 2 extra ways to enter:

1. Download the MeMeTales  Free Mobile Reader App


Check out MeMeTales website if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Come back and leave a separate comment saying  you’ve done it  and you will have extra chances to win.

Fine Print
T he giveaway closes June 4th at 8pm PST. The winner will be chosen by random using is open to residents of  Canada and the USA only. Please ensure your email address included in the comment so we can contact you if you win.
This Contest is closed.

Butterfly Fairy Wand

After reading  Speakaboo’s Sleeping Beauty on our iPod with the MeMeTales Mobile Reader App I was inspired to make a fairy wand to go along with the fairies in the story. I wanted to show parents how easy a fun and very sparkly wand can be to make .  I asked my son if he wanted to be a part of this craft and I got a resounding ” No.”  Even after I suggested making it a Bat-wand he wasn’t convinced. So I made it myself and even though I have no need for a fairy wand i have to say I have been casting some awesome spells with it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some sticky back foam if it’s sparkly even better! You will also need a drinking straw ( milkshake ones work great), a pen or marker, scissors and curling ribbon.
  2. Start by drawing a butterfly ( or shape of your choice) on the backing of your foam.
  3. Cut out and use as a stencil for the other side. We used two different colors of foam but using the same is a great choice as well.
  4. Peel the back off the foam, press the straw into it.
  5. Sandwich the straw in between the foam.
  6. Add the ribbon.
  7. Curl the ribbon on the edge of the scissors blade ( adults only please).
  8. Now cast some stupendous spells!


Sleeping Beauty
memetales logo

Sleeping Beauty

See more at memetales

As mentioned above the inspiration for this craft came from Sleeping Beauty by Speakaboos , which we actually listened to using our MeMeTales App instead of reading our selves which was a fun change of pace.  Books are so versatile and reading, listening or playing with them are all ways to immerse your kids into a life long love of stories and the written word.

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Rainy Day Physical Activity

We live outside Seattle and even for us this spring has been rainy. This activity is a perfect example of simple being wonderful. As soon as I told my son about my idea he was eager to start, so this wasn’t our most polished project, but trust me we had a ball. I don’t know about the kids in your house but in ours we need to work up a sweat inside or out to ensure a smooth bedtime and great sleep. So rain or shine we need to move our bodies!

  1. Gather your materials – all you need are some card stock ( index cards would be awesome) , a marker, and scissors if you need to cut the card stock.
  2. Write out different actions, exercises, and physical feats twice.
  3. Cut and make two piles.
  4. To play you need two players ( I played as well- trust me you don’t need to see me do karate kicks in my Pjs…not a pretty sight). Each player gets a pile.  The premise is simple both players put their pile of cards face down,  count out loud to 3 and flip .
  5. Then do the action on the card.
  6. Keep flipping and moving!
  7. Exercise will make you strong!


Like all the books this week this one Strong Stickfiggy is one of the ebooks available on the  free MeMeTales’ Mobile Reader App . We read it on my iPod , under the covers pretending it was the Batcave ( do not tell me that shocks you…).  You don’t have to read it in a Batcave or even at home , you can read it anywhere which is my favorite part of this app.

Strong Stickfiggy
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Strong Stickfiggy

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MeMeTales Mobile Reader App & Letter Craft

Regular readers know that my number one passion isn’t paint or even glitter it’s reading, specifically getting kids to love reading. That is why I am so eager to share the free  MemeTales  Mobile Reader App with you. I have had the honor of working with MeMeTales for some time now . They published my Alphabet Crafts eBook and I act as an advisor  on their parents  committee.  If you read my post about boys and reading last week you will know that one of the biggest lessons I have learned from children I have taught over the years is that it’s more important we get them to want to read than we force them to read what we want them to.

I can tell you first hand that my son loves reading MeMeTales books on my iPod , it’s novel it’s a treat and even though he’s not a reluctant reader I instantly saw how MeMeTales gamified reward system would appeal to those kids who have a hard time getting interested in books.  See when you read books on this app you get points, then after so many points you get stickers and earn games too! Best part is it’s free and to celebrate the launch you get access to 20 free books.

So to celebrate the MeMeTales Mobile Reader App launching we are devoting this whole week to crafts inspired by the free books that come on the App. But as I said in January this year here at No Time For Flash Cards it’s not about me, it’s about WE so we are also going to be hosting a  linky party every day. Each day the theme will be based on the book featured from the app. Scroll down to check out today’s book and craft.

Here’s the thing, the reason I love MeMeTales is because they are passionate about reading and they know that making crafts, doing activities and keeping the learning going with themed projects will only keep kids coming back to books whether they read them on an iPad, laptop on from a book. Speaking of books at the end of this week of celebration we will be giving away 20 picture books to one lucky reader . Awesome right?! We’ll tell you more about that on Friday .

Today’s Featured Book  Alphabet inspired our letter of the week craft below.

N Net

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, some tulle, double stick tape and some candy fish.
  2. Start by making a large uppercase N on one sheet of paper.
  3. Make waves if you want on the other.
  4. Invite your child to come decorate the N however they want. Mine wanted to do one single line on both sides ( I had 2 Ns, I really need some stencils)- glad I snapped the picture when I did.
  5. While you are cutting it out ( or they can too) have them draw the other fish in the sea, birds in the sky… or not. My son was like ” No thanks I did my line can we glue yet?”
  6. Cut a small piece of tulle and using double stick tape make a net on the bottom corner of the N. If you don’t have tulle the mesh bags from produce will work great too!
  7. Add glue – easily my son’s favorite part.
  8. Pop the N on the “sea”. I added a bit more double stick tape once the N was added to make sure the fish would be secure.
  9. Add the fish in the net.
  10. Eat the fish 😉

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