A Month Of Giving

Wow !  This week I have had submissions from kids all over and I was so touched to see the variety in the ways our kids have shown how they care. Today though all the featured kids have one thing in common, they are all helping with letters and cards.   I hope one of our featured acts of giving will give you and your children an idea for how you can serve, help and give back to those in your community.

If you are close to a Macy’s they have a Believe campaign where for every stamped letter to Santa they receive they will donate $1 to Make-a-Wish up to $1 million dollars. Plus it’s a great way to get reluctant writers like my son ( above) writing!

Candace’s children made cards for the homeless while the big kids assembled hygiene kits and the adults they were with cooked them a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bea’s daughters show you are never to little to help and were no doubt the talk of the senior center where they sorted and delivered mail to the elderly residents. What a wonderful year round way to brighten some old folk’s day as well as be a real helper.

Sara’s kids took time our of their day to get crafty and make cards to send to soldiers serving their country. I love the combination of art and giving! If you want to write to a soldier check out Holiday Mail For Heroes

I want to share pictures of your kids making a difference. Send them to me with the subject as”Giving” and you just might see a face you recognize next week!