Super Bowl Trophy Craft

superbowl craft for kids

This Super Bowl trophy also known as the Lombardi trophy for those in the know (my husband filled me in) was the biggest hit with my son. It’s super easy to make and the perfect center piece for a family Super Bowl party this Sunday. Oh and in true No Time For Flash Cards fashion I managed to throw in some letter recognition too !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a rectangular box that will stand on it’s end, some cardboard, aluminum foil, tape, scissors and sticky back foam letters , a small sheet of sticky back foam and a marker.
  2. Start by drawing a football on your card board .
  3. Cut out. I had extra card board so I made three and taped the layers together.  
  4. Wrap in foil. My son loved this step. Don’t mind his police dress up clothes, he is rarely not dressed up as something.
  5. Cut your sticky back foam into one long strip and 3 or more longer ones.
  6. Pop them on.
  7. Wrap the box in foil. I secured it with tape.
  8. Tape the football to the box. I taped the box flaps into an arch and taped the football to that so it is on an angle like the real one.
  9. Scatter foam letters on the table and have your child find XLV. We chatted about roman numerals ( clock numbers- we have a clock with roman numerals) nothing too in depth but enough to explain what they are.
  10. Pop them on.
  11. Practice your celebration!

Who are you cheering for on Sunday?