A Month Of Giving

If you aren’t moved by seeing kids giving back to their community I am not sure what would move you. I adore seeing kids getting into the spirit of the season and helping . Here are some pictures from this week.

Sarah sent in this picture of her daughter ” She danced at a local long term care facility in our hometown.  It was a joy to see the smiles on the faces of the residents–some of whom even opted to sing along with the music.” I am sure the residents loved it.

Kathryn sent in these pictures of her daughter who used her own money to buy food for the food bank and also played elf by choosing tags off a giving tree and picking out toys for the children.  She was very excited to play elf and do things that will help make people happy!”

Gayla sent this picture of her son caroling at a local hospital and delivering home made cards and blankets to the patients.” We hand made cards and fleece blankets that my little man delivered to each patients room as we walked through the halls singing.

Maya and her daughters dropped off pet food for hungry pets , we can’t forget about them!

Kara sent me a link to her blog post all about how her daughter learned why giving was so special when she gave these simple candy canes to people who help her everyday.

Sara was busy with her kids and did a lot of good !  They made cookies for a neighbor , donated food at school and Awanas  as well as going to a special event ( The Big Guy was there) where you have to donate food to get in. Wow!

Want to be featured in our next month of giving showcase? Go do something for someone else with your little ones , click a picture and send it to me at

[email protected]

A Month Of Giving

Wow !  This week I have had submissions from kids all over and I was so touched to see the variety in the ways our kids have shown how they care. Today though all the featured kids have one thing in common, they are all helping with letters and cards.   I hope one of our featured acts of giving will give you and your children an idea for how you can serve, help and give back to those in your community.

If you are close to a Macy’s they have a Believe campaign where for every stamped letter to Santa they receive they will donate $1 to Make-a-Wish up to $1 million dollars. Plus it’s a great way to get reluctant writers like my son ( above) writing!

Candace’s children made cards for the homeless while the big kids assembled hygiene kits and the adults they were with cooked them a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bea’s daughters show you are never to little to help and were no doubt the talk of the senior center where they sorted and delivered mail to the elderly residents. What a wonderful year round way to brighten some old folk’s day as well as be a real helper.

Sara’s kids took time our of their day to get crafty and make cards to send to soldiers serving their country. I love the combination of art and giving! If you want to write to a soldier check out Holiday Mail For Heroes

I want to share pictures of your kids making a difference. Send them to me with the subject as”Giving” and you just might see a face you recognize next week!

A Month Of Giving

Image courtesy of acclaimclipart.com

Teaching your children especially the littlest ones about giving, charity and service is not an easy task . When I try to explain why we give to charity to my son sometimes his questions stump me and I am not used to being stumped by kid questions. After much thought I decided the best way to learn is by example and we can all get into the spirit together. From today until Christmas Day,  I want to see how many acts of charity, service and giving we as a blog community can accomplish with our kids. Every Saturday I will showcase these acts of giving in a photo slide show and feature one on the blog.  It’s not a contest, it’s not a giveaway, it’s just a way for our kids to make a difference and to be a part of something greater than themselves .

Here is what you need to do :

1.Go do some good ( donate a toy, drop off some food at a food bank, shovel an elderly neighbors driveway, take dog food to the local shelter…)

2. Take a picture of that good deed.

3. Send that picture to us : [email protected] with the subject ” Giving” feel free to  add a blurb about what your child is doing, their reaction or thoughts.

4. Visit the blog on Saturdays (Starting December 4th) to see how many good deeds were done and your picture in the slide show- and to see what the “Good Deed Of The Week” was .

Together we can show our kids how important taking care of each other is and how even little hands make a big difference!