25 Fun & Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities For Kids

valentine's day crafts for kids Need a simple and cute Valentine’s day craft for a class party ? Need a fun Valentine’s day activity that won’t break the bank? These 25 easy Valentine’s day crafts and activities fit the bill. They are simple, frugal ,and most of all fun! In the next few weeks we will have brand new ideas for you to create and learn with a Valentine’s day theme but until then browse these ideas and for more crafts like these for other upcoming holidays and winter in general check out my Winter themed Pinterest board.

Valentine’s Day Rainbow
Valentine’s Day Truck
Heart Memory Game

paper hug craft
Paper Hug
Valentine’s Day Discovery Box
Heart Shaped Pizza

mosaic valentine's day craft
Mosaic Heart Valentine
Valentine’s Day Tambourine
Heart Chalkboards

heart sun catcher
Heart Sun Catcher
Tie Dye Hearts
Cinnamon Heart Bark Treat
Shake Painted Valentine

valentine's day heart wreath
Valentine’s Day Photo Wreath
Love Bomb
Marshmallow Heart

heart patterns
Heart Patterns
Collage Heart Craft
Love Potions

valentine's day word search
Valentine’s Day Word Search
Doily Heart Butterflies
Puffy Heart Wreath

last minute valentine's day cupcakes
XOXO Cupcakes
Heart Color Match
Apple Print Valentines