Toilet Paper Roll Rocket

  1. Gather your materials. You will need an empty toilet or paper towel roll, some paint, a paint brush, some red or orange tissue paper, a piece of construction paper some glue, scissors and a little aluminum foil .
  2. Paint the roll the color of your choosing, while your child is painting cut out some flames using the tissue paper.
  3. While the roll is drying have your child color the piece of construction paper if they want, it will be made into the nose of the ship so let them know you will be cutting it. Sometimes young children will get really upset if you don’t give them ample warning that you are altering their masterpiece.
  4. Meanwhile cut some long strips of aluminum foil.
  5. The roll should be dry enough to glue the aluminum foil strips on, while your child does this, go head and cut a circle out of the construction paper and cut half way into the circle to make a cone.
  6. Glue the cone on the end of the rocket. It’s easiest to put glue in the cone and then place the roll inside it. Hold it there a minute or two.
  7. Glue the flames on the bottom inside.
  8. Blast off!


Blast Off!

Climb aboard the spaceship
we’re going to the moon,
hurry and get ready
we’re going to blast off soon,
put on your helmet
and buckle up real tight,
cause here comes the countdown
so count with all your might!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Blast off!!


” Babar Visits Another Planet” by Laurent De Brunhoff is a sentimental favorite of mine, I think I had my school library’s copy out from Kindergarten to 2nd grade! It is on the longer side so I would not suggest it for young preschoolers who have a hard time with long books. Also I read it in the original French so I never noticed the present tense , reading it if English is your first language you may find some passages a little off…but don’t worry the kids won’t notice!

” How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers was an awesome library find. The illustrations are fantastically simple, and support the equally simple yet effective storyline about a boy who wanted a star of his own. I love this book, and your kids will too!” Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is a fun rhyming book about rockets. Even toddlers will enjoy the cartoon like pictures and zippy text. Also the last page is devoted to explaining the parts of a rocket and other facts!


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  1. Julie says

    Someone put your blog on baby center and I have to tell you… I LOVE it!! I am looking for crafts to do with my three year old and these look right up our ally. I am a stay at home mom now but I was a teacher for 5 years before I had my kids. I totally appreciate the books that tie in! Thanks for your ideas, I am getting tired of making bunnies and snowmen out of cotton balls and I needed some help!

  2. Allie says

    I am so glad you are enjoying the blog, I am happy to be home from vacation and ready to go head first back into having messy fun!!

    I will be checking out ” Earth to Stella” on my trip to the library tomorrow , thanks!!!

  3. Kara says

    I babysit for a 2 year old and 5 year old and love your suggestions for providing the 5 yo creative time. He always gets excited and asks if we have a project today. He loved the roll rocket and made several more on his own when I wasn’t there.


  1. […] the house, making stars out of old coke cans and wrapping toilet paper rolls in paper to make rockets. My daughter had fun writing Happy Birthday Alex on the stars and rockets, which we strung up on an […]

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