Paper Plate Tambourine


When I tested the sound of pasta in these paper plates last night , my son who was already in his PJs and ready for bed jumped up from his dad’s lap where he was reading and ran into the kitchen begging for it!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 paper plates of the same size, some uncooked pasta, a stapler, some ribbon, tape and whatever you choose to decorate your tambourine. We used a sponge paint brush , paints and glitter paint.
  2. Mix your paint colors if you are using paints. I love doing this because it’s an easy hands on color mixing lesson , and my son adores to ” mix mix mix” !
  3. Start painting both paper plates. I am using a sponge brush because it helps keep the paint very very thin, and it will dry faster so we can make music asap! Let both plates dry.
  4. Add on the ribbons, I am taping them to hold them in place when I staple . Also this way your child can choose where to put them!
  5. Scoop pasta onto one plate. I am using big penne pasta so that I can space out the staples and nothing will fall out. You can use rice, dried beans etc… but you will have to staple or glue it together carefully so you aren’t vacuuming up rice for the next week!
  6. Place the 2nd plate on top and staple away!
  7. Now go make music!
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  1. BecauseISaidSo says

    I did this craft with my Sunday School class of preschoolers and they loved it! We used crepe paper streamers for the ribbons and I allowed the kids to choose what color streamers.

    A word of caution though – be very sure that when you staple the paper plates together that the staples close on the back side. I pricked my finger a couple of times.

    To make an entire band, fill a plastic water bottle with dried beans or popcorn for a shaker. Make horns out of rolled up construction paper (decorated, of course). If you have a water bottle with the rippled sides, you can rub a dowel rod up and down it for a washboard effect.


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