Letter of the Week T t !

Tower of T !

We eat a lot of cereal at our house, so when I saw both of these boxes waiting to go out to the recycling I started to play with them to see what I could make, I stacked them on each other and my son exclaimed , T ! So that’s exactly what we are going to make , a big T !
  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 cereal or similar sized boxes, some wrapping paper or other large pieces of paper,tape ,glue, scissors and some paint and some fun paintbrushes!
  2. Before sitting your child down , wrap the boxes in the paper , make sure it’s inside out, so they have a blank canvas to paint on. I use old wrapping paper I am sick of but anything will do.
  3. Start painting. I am having my son paint the boxes with this fun brush . When I have larger projects to paint I try to use novel brushes to keep him interested. Toddlers and young preschoolers are notoriously fickle, one day they love painting , the next it’s a no go. With novel brushes like this one , my chances are good that the activity will be a hit.
  4. Add a second color. Keep Painting!
  5. Paint the second box. Feel free to do whatever you like, you can even use markers or cover it in stickers! Let both boxes dry.
  6. Glue them together Let dry upside down for a few hours, we ran errands, had nap and then it was perfect!

Letter Discovery Box!

The point of a discovery box is to introduce things to your child with a sense of discovery, it makes them feel like they found it. When they pull an object out of the box, ask them what it is, add in that that starts with the letter of the week!

Enthusiasm counts, so get excited and they will be too!All you need is a box and some household things. toys that begin with the letter and if you have any magnetic or foam letters grab those too!To make it harder for older kids you can add in things that do not start with the letter of the week and ask them to decide and make two piles!


I’m A Little Tea Pot !
I’m a little tea pot,
short and stout,
here is my handle,
here is my spout!

When I get all steamed up,
hear me shout;
” Tip me over, and pour me out!”


” Alphabet City” by Stephen T. Johnson is a fascinating take on an alphabet book. The alphabet is found in different places in the city, like a fire escape, and the rose window of a church. Children love trying to find the letters and adults will too! The most amazing part of this book is that the pictures are actually illustrations, they look crisp and clear like photographs but aren’t. Awesome , Amazing and definitely worth checking out!

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  1. mommomto2pumpkins says

    the painting looks like lots of fun! he is so smart knowing its a T! way to go! my little girl loves letters and numbers and knows tons!

    when i do a letter of the week we do activities thru out the week do you to? or just that day?

  2. Allison says

    I usually just do a craft/kick off activity one day, then spend a lot of time pointing it out, playing with the craft ( we used it building with blocks this am), do a T discovery box ( I’ll post this asap) and focus on it when playing with the magna doodle, bath letters and fishing game.

    Older children I would add a T hunt and writing practice too.

  3. Tanya says

    Wonderful! I've also been doing a discovery box or post-it note treasure hunt for the letter of the week. Question for you: What do you do for the Letter J? I love the letters you've done (B & Z are great!), but can't think of a way to do a J. Ideas?

  4. Allison says


    It’s a glass cleaning dish sponge from Albertson’s ( Grocery store) I scour the cleaning aisle every week for new fun tools.

    Tanya, I haven’t done it yet but what I did in my class a few years ago was Jelly Bean J. Kids love it- you can use real jelly beans or make some out of paper. I have always used real ones and usually do it around easter when there are a ton on sale. I will do it next week though !

    You can also do Jaguar, Jello ( jello jigglers) or Jeep J doing tire track painting with a Jeep.

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