Quick Fixes!

5 Minute Sparklers!
These are short, fun and easy activities to bridge the gap between two larger ones. I use them when I need some time to do something like unloading the dishwasher, or simply take up some time in the witching hour ( after nap but before Daddy gets home! ). Use these short activities whenever you need somethting fast but fun!
  • Calendar Coloring. Out of construction paper, in a rush and don’t have time to protect your kitchen table? Use your desk top calendar with the previous month’s page still attached. The pad is heavy enough to protect even a nice table, and the paper is large enough that even a toddler with insanely long arms like my son will not be able to color off the paper! My son loved finding letters on the paper, and colored long enough for me to get dinner into the oven!
  • Ice Scooping. Late in the afternoon the last thing I want to do is change my son’s outfit ONE MORE TIME so instead of getting out the water and allowing him to splash I filled his bucket with ice cubes, and let him scoop them like sand. NO mess and he had a blast!
  • Can Towers. Despite getting a very minor burn from a hot oven door my son is persistant about warning me about the hot stove, which is sweet but he tries to touch it every time! So I keep his little hands busy with can towers. Tomato paste jars are his favorites, they are small and perfect for a toddler’s hands.
  • Let them play clean! I love mops with washable heads, I feel confident allowing my son to clean with them knowing that even if he manages to put it in his mouth , I know it’s free from too much grime.
  • Hanger Helper. My son has been handing me hangers while I put away laundry for a long time, I have started counting them with him now too. He likes to say ” One, Two!” it’s a start! It also helps me have fun doing something I loathe !
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  1. Suzanne says

  2. Michie says

    Some more cute ideas – thanks! Sometimes I go through a whole day where every activity seems to be a 5 minute sparkler – makes for a tiring day! Great to have some more ideas in the back of my mind!


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