Letter of the week ! K k !


I hope this activity is useful to someone because as I write this my son and I are covered in glitter despite bathing !

  • Gather your materials. You will need 2 foam sheets ( construction paper is a fine alternative) , some glue, sequin, glitter , scissors and a pen.
  • Draw a big K on one of the foam sheets.
  • Cover the K in glue .
  • Add sequins ( proud mama side note- he didn’t eat a single sequin! You may notice glue on his lips though..one thing at a time.)
  • While your child is doing this step draw and cut out a crown in a contrasting color foam, add some glue to it.
  • If you dare, cover it ( and possibly your child and kitchen) in glitter.
  • Let everything dry.
  • Cut out the K
  • Glue the K onto a piece of construction paper and glue the crown on.
Song !

The Grand old Duke of York!

The Grand old Duke of York,
he had 10000 men,
he marched them up to the top of the hill,
and he marched them down again!

When they’re up they’re up,
and when they’re down they’re down,
and when they’re only half way up,
they’re neither up nor down !
* I normally sing this one time fast, then slow then super f
ast !

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  1. Ayama-chan says

    Hi I thought you might like to know the second verse of the Grand Old Duke of York (as it is my child’s favourite).

    He marched them to the left,
    He marched the them to right,
    And when he marched them upsidedown,
    Oh what a sight!

  2. MoziEsmé says

    Great idea! I don’t have glitter at the moment and have no clue where to find it over here, so we’re resigned to using glitter glue, which isn’t nearly as much fun, I fear! (Or nearly the mess . . .)

  3. Allison says

    Ayama-chan , thank you so much for the 2nd verse! I will have to video tape a new version. That video is rather old and rough around the edges anyway. I have in all my years singing this song never heard that.

    Moziesme, glitter glue would have been a much smarter thing, the glitter we used was super fine. It is literally everywhere in my house.

    Thanks for stopping by !


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