Parent’s Corner : Make This Tonight!

Growth Chart!

I was browsing online for Christmas presents and saw a growth chart for $25 dollars, I thought to myself, hmmm wonder if I could make that. Here are the results.
  1. Gather your materials. I used a piece of cardboard from a crib box, a bunch of different colored card stock, double stick tape, white glue, two circle paper punches, eyelets, ribbon , scissors and a marker.
  2. Measure your card board. Most growth charts start at 2 feet, I used a 4 foot piece of cardboard, figuring my 6 foot tall teenager would not care to use a growth chart so it doesn’t have to be any bigger than that.
  3. Carefully cut out the outline.
  4. Start covering it with card stock. On this step all I used was permanent double stick tape. I laid the card stock with the edges hanging over so I could fold the edges around to cover the sharp cardboard. Tape on the under side as well.
  5. Lay your next piece of paper down, put some tape over the first piece, this will make the whole thing stronger.
  6. When you are done with the base layer, cut out and tape some lighter card stock down the center – this will have the actual measurements on it.
  7. Once it’s all taped down using a meter stick or measuring tape, make your measurements. I should have used some fun stamps, and my embossing tool but it was late and I went for the oh so easy crayola marker.
  8. Decorate the chart. I used two different sized circle paper punches, and punches circles out in the same colors I used for the base layer.
  9. Attach the circles using glue and foam stickies.
  10. Add two eyelets at the top.
  11. Thread some ribbon through and you are done!
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