Quick Fixes!

Fast and Easy !
Sometimes long weekends means there are parties, BBQ and big events that don’t allow
you the time for big elaborate crafts but you can fit these quick fixes into even the busiest schedule, even if it’s just allowing your child to “help” you get some things done.

  1. Kitchen Caper! My son loves “helping” me cook. He has never been a big eater but if he helps make the food he always eats it. Here he is helping me make cookies, don’t worry the mixer is unplugged , we count , scoop, measure and pour while making treats! Oh and be the official butter taste tester!
  2. Water Scooping. I propped up a plastic mixing bowl on top of another filled it with water and let him splash and scoop.
  3. Patio drawing ! Out door chalk is awesome, it comes clean with water, and comes in bright fun colors.
  4. At Home Museum! We grabbed some Art books and looked for cats, boats and apples in the paintings, it lasted almost 40 minutes and made no mess! Here we are enjoying gothic architecture!
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  1. MoziEsmé says

    I love this post! I'm always looking for quick & easy ideas. We do a letter theme each week, so looking for objects in picture books, or outside in nature, or amongst our sticker collection that begin with a specific letter is something we do a lot. And in the kitchen, a lot of times I will give my baby a measuring cup, mixing spoon, and some puffed wheat to play with – she measures and mixes and samples it as I'm busy with other things. A little mess to clean up, but it's not too bad. Sometimes I'll grate apple into the mix if I have a little more time.

  2. Allie says

    Another I forgot to add but will in a future Quick Fix post is a flashlight and a dark bathroom, we played for 15 minutes in the bathroom and it helped my son get over his fear of his shadow!

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