Color Mixing

Color mixing is something so simple but so exciting for young children. The lesson is vital as well, the basic understanding that when you mix two things a third new thing is created doesn’t have to come from a complicated lesson, so grab a few towels and trust me your children will love this!
  1. Gather your materials. You will need some clear or white glass or plastic containers. Food coloring, water , a turkey baster and a thick place mat or towel under the jars.
  2. Start by letting your child get accustomed to using the turkey baster to transfer the water from one container to another. They do make child size turkey basters and sell them at educational stores like Lakeshore learning but I am just using a regular old one.
  3. Next add blue and red to two of the jars and have clear water in the third. Ask about the colors and if your child is old enough, ask them to make a prediction about what will happen if you mix the colors.
  4. Continue with as many color combinations as they want. My son had a blast making green and we re did this experiment 4 or 5 times.
  5. If they are getting frustrated with how slow the turkey baster is encourage them to pour the water into the other jars.
  6. The fun can keep going as long as they are interested, our experiment lasted about 30 minutes which was about 15 minutes longer than I expected!

” A Rainbow Of My Own” by Don Freeman is a charming story about wanting a rainbow, you may notice that the colors are out of order but I have always used that as a teaching tool in my classes.

” Little Blue and Little Yellow”
by Leo Lioniis a profound book with underlying commentary about race relations while the surface story is about little blobs of color who when squished together turn into one green blob!

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  1. The Walkie Talkie says

    A friend of mine introduced me to your site and man am I thankful she did! Thanks for doing this and for sharing all these wonderful, easy ideas! Most of the stuff I already have at home which makes these ideas seem attainable. Please, please, please keep it up!

  2. ScottChrisCoriCassiCali says

    I did this with my daughter and her 3 little friends. We do a little preschool at our alternating houses one day each week. This was their favorite activity the other day. I found super easy basters and they had so much fun. They were very excited at their own skill at creating colors. I would suggest not using too much food color. The darker the original color the harder to notice the mixed color. Thanks for the awesome idea.


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