Pumpkin Printing for Toddlers & Preschoolers

pumpkin printing for toddlers I had the pleasure of having our neighbor over for craft time today and wanted to show how the same craft can be done differently for a toddler, a 4.5 year old and one done by an adult. So often we think toddlers can’t do the same things as older siblings, or vice versa but easy little add ons or subtractions make all the difference. This pumpkin printing project is perfect for fall.

  1. Gather your materials. I totally forgot to take a picture! ( I am beyond sleep deprived , my son is getting 2 year molars and demanding mommy, and ONLY mommy multiple times a night! ) phew I feel better. Okay back to the materials, a plate, a mini pumpkin, some cool fall colored paint, construction paper and markers.
  2. Cut your mini pumpkin in half.Clean out or have your child if they are old enough clean out the seeds.Halloween craft
  3. Spread a mixture of paint on a plate.pumkin craft
  4. Use the pumpkin as a stamp and press onto the paper. Our guest had a great time making prints and carefully pressing the pumpkin down.
  5. My toddler had a blast using the pumpkin more like a brush and pressing it all around the paper.pumpkin craft
  6. After you are done printing you can add stems and leaves to the pumpkins with markers. My toddler skipped this step and his masterpiece looked like this  but my neighbor added a few to his prints!
Hopefully this helps illustrate how even if the outcome is a little varied all ages can participate in the same activity and have fun doing it!
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  1. says

    I see that this post is pretty old but the best thing about it (aside from the cute craft which I’m totally doing) was the part where you say that you have a toddler waking multiple times a night because of teething and wanting mommy. I’m sooo there right now and just reading that made me feel better!

    • admin says

      Let me make you feel even better… now I have the 2nd kiddo who is repeating what her brother did 🙂 Glad that bit helped you feel better. Wanting mama in the night is not a bad thing in my book, even if sometimes it makes me feel a little like a zombie. They are only little for a little while.

  2. says

    Wow! I have found a treasure! I am not a crafty person but I have young children and would like to do some things like this with them. All of these are great! Your whole web page! Simple, for mom. Yet very fun for kids! This is awesome! Thank you so much!!


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