So much to be thankful for…


My son was born on American Thanksgiving so a day that used to mean the day before shopping became very very significant in my life. There is nothing I am more thankful for than him , and his health and happiness . That inspired me to make a long term project leading up to Thanksgiving. Depending on how old your children are they can do a few steps like my son or all of this project.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a grocery bag, ribbon, plain paper, markers, clothes pins, hot glue gun and glue, paint, cookie cutters or other stencils.
  2. Draw various leaf shapes, either free hand or using stencils.on your grocery bag. Do one for each spot along your garland. I used cookie cutters!
  3. Using the markers have your child color the leaves, we are doing this as well as painting just for added effect, feel free to skip one.
  4. Have your child paint the leaves. We are using a sponge to paint, we haven’t sponge painted in a while, but don’t limit yourself use whatever you will most enjoy. Let dry
  5. While your child is painting , lay 2-4 feet of ribbon face down on your counter, hot glue gun your clothes pins to it. Let dry.
  6. Cut out ( or have your child if they can use scissors, even if it’s not perfect) the leaves.
  7. Glue the leaves to the ribbon and clothes pins.
  8. We aren’t done yet! Using the same stencil trace the leaf pattern on a stack of plain paper.
  9. Cut out.
  10. Add things you are thankful for on these pieces of paper from now until Thanksgiving, at dinner you can un clip these and share them. With toddlers ask them what things they think are special, or love. I am always scrambling to think of what I am thankful for , especially since at that point in the day I just want some wine! Also this will help teach your children about recognizing all we do have , all we have to be thankful about throughout the whole month not just on Thanksgiving day.


Thanksgiving is also the day that I don’t big my husband about football one bit. I am so so so not a fan but I am trying not to be so angry while watching, or rather while doing something else while my boys watch. This book – although a board book was really enlightening and my son loved it too! Thanks to my husband’s coworker David who suggested it !

” Touchdown : My Football Book” by David Diehl is a short, to the point and completely entertaining little book. It explains so much about football in the absolute easiest ways. My son has started to show a love of football, helmets and tackling and this book is a great injury free way to harness that love!

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  1. Allie says

    Thank you very much though, I was so happy with how it turned out too, it is just what my kitchen needed now that all the halloween decorations are down. So far my son has been thankful for Daddy and Avocado.

  2. teachingtinytots says

    love the thankful leaves i posted this weekend our featherless thankful turkey that we write what we are thankful for and add!

    happy early bday to your son! are you having a big party??

  3. Too Many Jobs To Name- in the life of a SAHM says

    I do love these…I think I will use these for my preschool kids during out holiday party…they will love it…hmm also I’m with you on the holiday babies…my son was born on nov. 27th- so always on or near thanksgiving…my other son..halloween and my daughter the 4th of july…and not on purpose with any of them…lol…so we know alot about reg. holidays turning into much more!

  4. Tanya says

    Adorable, as always, Allie! I’ve got a turkey baby here, too. My little girl turns 2 on Nov. 30th. We’re having a houseful of out-of-town guests this year for the Thanksgiving/B-day celebrations, so this will be a great decoration to liven things up and something everyone can add to!

  5. [email protected] says

    This is FABULOUS! I’ll be linking to this!


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