Best of 2008 Count down ! #7

Bubble Wrap
Corn !

This was out 7th most voted for activity- although we did it for Thanksgiving , you can use white paper and yellow paint and do it any time for the year while learning about food! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what’s next on our countdown!

Also corn is one of the symbols of Kwanzaa, it symbolizes the children and their future. I am still learning about Kwanzaa and will have more activities in future years. If you have one you want to share please feel free to leave a comment and share the link!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of paper, a crayon, paint, a piece of bubble wrap, a paint brush, glue and scissors.
  2. Draw 2 ears of corn on a yellow or white piece of construction paper.
  3. Mix some paint on a plate, and dip the bubble wrap in it, I blotted it in paper towel first. This was as much as my son would do with the wrap, right after I took this picture I got told ” No , no brush, pease” .
  4. If your child likes bubble wrap have them press the bubble wrap on their corn. My son used a paint brush instead. I did a bubble wrap one though, so you can see the results below ! Let the corn dry.
  5. When your child is painting with bubble wrap or a brush, draw some husks on the 2nd piece of paper.
  6. Have your child paint it brown with a paint brush, as you can see my son was all over this step! Let everything dry.
  7. Cut out the corn – you can see that as cool as the bubble print corn is the one my son made is just as wonderful, so don’t stress if your child goes “off book” it’s all good! It looks almost like he used the wrap in places but it was all dotting with the brush.
  8. Cut out the husks, if your child can use scissors let them do the cutting, and glue to the top of the corn.
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