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Cut and Paste

This craft does have a little prep, but don’t get turned off by the cutting, older kids can do it all themselves, and younger ones won’t care if your lines aren’t perfectly straight! My son loves trains and when I asked him what he wanted to do for art today he pointed at a train ornament on our tree and this is what we came up with !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need various colors of construction paper I used scrap paper, one piece of white paper, glue, scissors, a round paper punch if you have one and markers or crayons.
  2. Have your child color the background , if they are old enough you can have them draw tracks and scenery, if they are younger just let them at it. My son drew a “ringtone” and “onion” <------ reindeer and a snowman.
  3. While they do that here is the cutting that needs to get done, if your child isn’t the type to color for a long time do this before settling your wee one down in their chair.My son drew two pictures while I cut.
  4. Cut out 8 wheels. I cheated and used my paper punch.
  5. Next for the engine you’ll need 2 skinny rectangles, one with an angled end ( that’s the top of the engine, the other is the base), and 2 fat shorter rectangles, 1 with an angled end and the other with 2 U shape windows.
  6. For the cargo car you will need one rectangle and a few various shapes to be the cargo.
  7. When your artist is done with the scenery, add the glue for the wheels.
  8. Put the wheels on.
  9. Now add the glue for the base of the engine
  10. Add the piece
  11. Add the glue for the front and cab of the engine and add the pieces on.
  12. Now the glue for the engine roof
  13. Add that piece on.
  14. Add the glue for the cargo car and it’s cargo and add those pieces.
  15. Let dry !


“Tip Tip Dig Dig “ by Emma Garcia was an instant classic in our house. My son loves vehicles and this book was the perfect length with the right amount of text and awesome almost Eric Carle like illustrations. Usually books about vehicles just name the trucks and diggers but this book shows children not only what they do but how they can work together to make something. Great book for the digger and backhoe obsessed!

“Terrific Trains” by Tony Mitton is another great book. My parents bought my son this whole set and at first I was sceptical of it just because it is a set and I guess I judged a book my it’s cover because I love all the books in the set. They are informative, fun, have great rhyming text and my son will sit for them and often requests them at bedtime too!

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  1. Tanya says

    I made a "shapes train" cut and paste activity for my 2 yr old a few months ago. It's made from squares, rectangles, circles & triangles only. I think your train is cuter than mine, though! What is it w/ kids and trains? They are all obessessed w/ trains!


  1. […] Maria, as we were learning about Christopher Columbus one week in history.Jaden enjoyed making this Cut and Paste Train, and then chugging it around the house for the rest of the morning, and of course, when Daddy came […]

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