Spot Shot with a Twist !

No Time For Flash Cards

I was tagged by Lee @ My Sentiments Exact Lee and
Melinda @ Look What Mom Found
to do a Spot Shot, which means you have to take a picture of yourself right then, no hair fixin‘ no make up… I hate to waste a post without offering something for kids, and learning so instead of a picture I am doing this… I followed most of the rules! I am not passing it on, I love my readers too much!

I’m A Little Snowman

I’m a little snowman
Short and fat
Here is my nose,
here is my Hat.
When the sun comes out,
I cannot stay.
Slowly slowly I melt away.

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  1. The LIbrary Lady says

    This is a whole body song when I sing it:
    I’m a little snowman, short and fat
    (hands on hips)
    Here is my broomstick(reach out on arm)
    Here is my hat(remove “hat” with other hand)
    When the sun comes out, I melt away.
    (Start to sink down slowly)
    Down, down, down, down
    WHOOPS! (Jump up)
    I’m a puddle today!

    (I have to repeat this at least once. When I do it with 1 year olds, their adults are encouraged to lift them high in the air at the whoops!)

  2. says

    Allie- I tried to show this video at our mommy and me book club today (so we could do it along with you), but the video didn’t work for some reason. Is there any way to fix it? We ended up still singing the song, but not as well without you as a teacher for the first time 🙂

    This is so cute!

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