Toddler Playdough Sculptures

play dough ideas for kids
On Tuesday I was watching ( well mostly listening to) the Presidential Inauguration and that meant my little man was house bound , so I needed a lot of fun things up my sleeve. We made crafts, we played with water , built a city with blocks and our piece de resistance these super cool playdough sculptures!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some play-dough and something fun to stick in it. We used popsicle sticks and toilet paper rolls.
  2. Start creating.
  3. My son made the same thing over and over, birthday cakes! We sung happy birthday to many things including the new president, it was a fun day.
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For our play-dough recipes!
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  1. Tanya says

    ooo, I like Miller Moments’ idea of using muffin cups for “cupcakes”. My 2 yr old will be all over that. Thanks for the play dough recipes, Allie! We used play dough this past Hanukkah for a menorah and then used crayons for the candles each night.

  2. Allie says

    I love all these ideas, I call them “sputnik” in my head but voodoo dolls are a great description too!

    Jennifer I am glad she likes the songs- I know I look insane but if the kids lie it , I’m happy!

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