Weekend Repost – Have A Ball !

Ball Painting

This activity was a huge hit at our house and since I originally posted this last year we have done this many times ! When the weather gets better I am going to try it with a large utility ball and a laundry basket! Have a great weekend!
  1. Gather your Materials. For this art activity you will need a ball, I am using a golf ball but if my son was older I’d use a marble or 2! Also a few colors of paint, some paper and a shoe box or shoe box lid.
  2. Place a piece of paper into the box , along with a small amount of paint, then carefully place the ball on the paint.
  3. Tip the box this way and that way and watch the ball “paint” the paper. Younger children will want to catch the ball, so just make sure you are using non toxic paint and a ball big enough not to fit in their mouth.
  4. Repeat with more paint colors!


  1. Kelly M. says

    For older children, I have also used little matchbox type cars to drive through the paint. They make fun tire marks. :)

  2. Miller Moments says

    What a great use of golf balls! My husband is a golf freak and I’m always finding them around the house. Now I can use them in an art project!

  3. jk says

    Looks like fun ~ I’ve been meaning to do this with marbles. Love the idea to use a golf ball! Adds a lot of texture…

  4. Spring says

    I love your blog! I am always looking for fun things to do with my girls (5 and 3)and your blog always gives me great ideas. Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Michelle says

    My son just did this at school for P week. They used ping pong balls with pink and purple paint. :-) (and they used a plastic tub, like a dish tub that you can find cheap at the dollar store.)

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