Argh !

Hello! Just a quick note from my local library – my computer is getting fixed and my house is spic and span since I have a whole bunch of free time. I have some great posts just waiting to go up as soon as my lap top is back, and until then I have a few old post that are probably new to most of you.
The blog roll is on it’s way and emails will be answered asap too .
~ Allie
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  1. Allie says

    The funny thing is because i Had all this free time I got less done , I really need to be busy to be productive.

    I did transform the guest room into a playroom- and my son loves it!

    okay off to have coffee and get that blog roll going 🙂

  2. Miss Corinne says

    Glad to see you’re at the library! I am a children’s librarian at our local library. I adore your craft ideas. I have already used a few of them and my storytime moms LOVE them! Thank you!

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