Heart Shaped Pizza !


fun valentine's day food for kids

Making pizza is the perfect cooking activity for young kids, it doesn’t require you to be near a hot stove and they are practically a shoe in even for picky eaters. My son has recently started picking everything except meat and cheese off his pizza so I blend carrots and peppers into the sauce, mama always wins ! Also using tortillas makes it easy to shape the crust into a heart.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a pan, oven , tortillas, pizza sauce, pepperoni , mozzarella , kitchen sheers and a heart shaped cookie cutter.
  2. Start by folding your tortilla in half and cutting it into a heart.
  3. Next using the cookie cutter make your heart shaped pepperoni, you could do this with a host of other toppings as well.
  4. Time to gather the kiddos! Mine was a little hungry after nap and decided to taste test the crust.
  5. Spread the sauce on
  6. Add the cheese, I am not sure if he is putting it on or taking it off in this picture. Shred much more than you need if your little chef is a fan of cheese!
  7. Add the pepperoni! My son insisted the hearts were eyes, so we made a mouth too.
  8. Bake- I baked ours at 400* for about 10 minutes, checking on it often.Do you do something special for your kids on Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it!

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  1. Amanda says

    Funny enough heart pizza’s were on the menu for today’s lunch! I am doing it with english muffins though. Maddie asked for heart cheese toast yesterday (grilled cheese) so it has been a week of heart foods!

  2. Elena sem H says

    Dear Allie

    I’m presenting you with a blog gift in my blog. It’s in portuguese though… I can tell you more about it later, if you wish. It’s a gift-giving between blogs and I really wanted to recommend yours. It’s very entertaining and I learn a lot from your experiences.
    😉 Thanks

  3. ScottChrisCoriCassiCali says

    We did this for my girls in kindergarten. It was fabulous.
    This year we are giving stress balls made from balloons and flour with a tag, wishing you a stress free Valentine’s day! 🙂 My girls are a tad bit older now. This was not mushy and almost ‘cool’. 🙂 Happy day!

  4. EntertainingMom says

    Allie — we made Flubber today, pink of course for Valentine’s Day — for the older two to give away. But Alexander had SO much fun making it and playing with it. You guys would too! I just added that recipe on my blog as well… I spent the whole day making and packaging Valentine’s Day party stuff! I am so glad to be DONE with it! But… now the baking!!!


  1. […] I also got the large pepperonis for tonight and I pre-cut them into heart shapes too like I saw here  (Thanks […]

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