Sailing Away !

Shape Boat !

Whenever we do these projects they are big hits, they are so easy to do and are a great way to reinforce shapes . My son ran to the table when I suggested we make a boat, I think he needed a bit of a break from Valentine’s crafts. This easy craft was the answer, after nap when it was all dry he grabbed it proudly and announced “My boat !” now if only I could get him to stop eating glue…
  1. Gather your materials. You will need construction paper, a blue marker, scissors and glue.
  2. Give your child the marker and a piece of construction paper to draw the water and waves.
  3. While they are drawing the turbulent sea, cut out a semi circle, a long thin rectangle, two triangles and 3 small circles.
  4. When they are done break out the glue! Add the glue for the boat first.
  5. Add the semi circle boat.
  6. Next add the glue for the mast and the rectangle.
  7. Time to add the triangles
  8. Dot on three dots of glue for the port holes.
  9. Add the little circles.
  10. Sail Away !
Books !

” Stanley Goes Fishing” by Craig Frazier is a beautiful book dipped in a little bit of surrealism. When the only thing Stanley catches on his fishing trip is a boot, he decides to switch things up a bit and drops his line in the sky! Kids love fantastical books and they love it when the fish come from the sky! As a mom the only thing that bothers me is that Stanley isn’t wearing a life jacket!

“The Seaside Switch” by Kathleen V. Kudlinski is a book packed with information about tides and creatures in the sea. As a child I found nothing more fascinating than a tide pool and all the scurrying crabs and this book captures that. It’s main story is how the tide changes throughout the day and brings with it different animals. The book is too long for most toddlers but my son enjoyed pointing out the animals in the book.

” Busy Boats” by Tony Mitton is a fun little book packed full of good information about boats. The text is short , rhymes and matches the illustrations perfectly. It’s hard to find non fiction books that small ones will sit for and listen to, the cartoon characters in this book will grab and keep your child’s attention , I also like how small the books are, perfect for car rides and longer travel!

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  1. The Magic Onions says

    Great tutorial… I am always looking for things that both my kids will enjoy doing… One is almost 2 and the other is 5. They will both love making a boat… thanks for sharing!

  2. PassionateGreen says

    I just found your blog by accident and I have to leave a comment for you. YOU HAVE THE BEST BLOG EVER! I have a four year old and this is perfect for us. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

  3. Schelle says

    I love reading your blog and get many ideas for my nearly 3 year old… one suggestion – have you thought of making your own flour and water glue? You could put it in one of your empty glue containers so you still had a squeeze bottle. Don’t make too much up at a time, and store it in the fridge if you don’t use it all in one go – it makes a great paper glue and we use it for all sorts of things. Just an idea for the little glue-eater 🙂


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