Letter Of The Week S s !

Star S !

Stars are my favorite shape and I couldn’t resist making our letter of the week into a starry creation, we were also eager to test out our new glitter. This craft is a great add on to a shape or better yet a space theme! Bet you thought it was going to be a shamrock S , not today but we still have a few St. Patrick’s Day activities to come !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 pieces of construction paper ( 1 black, 2 neutral) , markers, glitter paint, scissors and glue.
  2. Start by having your child paint the black paper with glitter glue.
  3. While they do that draw a large S on the lighter paper
  4. On the 2nd piece draw some stars. I used a cookie cutter for one, and free styled the others, hmmm perhaps I should have traced the cookie cutter for all of them !
  5. Time to color the S, use the markers. We didn’t use the glitter but you can if you want .
  6. When they are done with the S, add glitter to the stars. Our glitter was a little hard to get out so I squeezed and my son smeared.
  7. Let everything dry.
  8. Cut out the S and glue it onto the black paper.
  9. Cut out the stars
  10. Add them to the S
  11. Let dry.


“Draw Me A Star” by Eric Carle is often not read in classrooms simply because of a beautiful depiction of a naked man and woman. It’s not what most parents expect to find in an Eric Carle book but it is very fitting in this beautiful and really touching book. The story although very similar to a biblical creation story isn’t necessarily reflective only of a christian view point , rather as I read it is was the author’s own creation. It begins and ends with a star , and hits all the right points in between.

” How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers is a sweet story about a little boy who wants a star of his own. I loved the bright and simplistic illustrations and the message about holding on to your dreams, working for them and figuring out that sometimes things come to you in packages you don’t expect! Great book!

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  1. Georgine says

    What is with the glitter glue? Ours is even hard for me to squeeze out. I bought glitter glues that look like crayons, ones in squeeze bottles. It frustrates both my daughter and myself! I do like this craft and I haven’t heard of the Eric Carle book Draw Me A Star. Thanks!!

  2. farleece says

    Yeah. I gotta say the glitter glue was hard to squeeze out…BUT, the little guy LOVED working with it! Leo, could have spent hours on this project. I bought the Crayola brand glitter glue. It doesn’t seem to last very long, but it helped create some very nice stars which Leo was quite proud of the next day.


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