Bird Craft

Nature Brochure Craft !

While on the ferry my son found this brochure of local birds and refused to let go of it. I did what I do best and tried to think of a way to turn it into an activity the following day. Here is what we did and how we did it. I would like to thank Shawna and her son for sending me the song request !

  1. Gather your materials. First you need to go outside and gather some branches!
  2. Now gather the rest, you will need 2 pieces of construction paper, a bird brochure from a local travel kiosk (or a book about birds, anything with glossy pictures) some scissors, lots of glue . I had crayons in the picture too because I thought my son would want to draw some sky or leaves, he wasn’t interested.
  3. Start by cutting out the birds from the brochure, I had my son point to which ones he liked, I read him their names and then cut them out. Older kids could do this independently.
  4. Grab the glue. Draw a tree with the glue. I laid out the branches first as a guide.
  5. Add the branches to cover the glue
  6. Add more glue on the branches and around them.
  7. Add the bird cut outs.
  8. Let dry, yes it will take a while!
  9. Use your new bird guide when you bird watch in your backyard!

Song !

Sing a song of sixpence
a pocketful of rye
four and twenty blackbirds
baked in a pie.
When the pie was open
the birds began to sing
Wasn’t that a dainty dish
to set before a king?

The king was in his counting house
counting all his money.
The queen was in the parlour
eating bread with honey.
The maid was in the garden
hanging out the clothes
and down came a blackbird
and snatched off her nose.

You naughty, naughty bird
I need my little nose
to smell all the soapsuds
when I was the clothes.
I’ll get a sugar cookie
and hang it on the tree
if you will find my little nose
and bring it back to me.

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  1. Allie says

    Thanks! Shawna I am off to see your response, thanks for being so patient for the song and for sending it in.

    The hat ( his man hat as my son calls it)is rather iconic in our world .We got it at H&M in San Francisco when he was 7 months old!. A teenager at the store sawit on my son and said " That's one fly baby" LOL and he's worn it almost daily since.

    This is hat number 2 ( bigger size) , and thankfully it stretches, I can't find a good replacement anywhere including H&M.

  2. Infant Bibliophile says

    That’s kind of a scary version of the song! We sing “who sat upon her nose,” and no third verse. 🙂 As always, the craft is great! We’ll have to try that soon. My little guy loves Kevin Henkes’ book “Birds” lately. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  3. Preschool Playbook says

    Love the craft–love the hat. I think you have quite the fashion expert there!

    As you know, I really think you have a great site here. I’m a bit slow, but I have awarded you the Super Blog Award. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

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