Investigate The Earth

Get Outside!

If the weather permits I am urging you to go outside and enjoy this beautiful world today. There are so many things we rush past or fail to notice and if we show down, and look at it through our kid’s eyes, we’ll learn something and so will they. Today I want to show my son why we want and need to save our environment by appreciating what we have.

Nature Detectives

It’s amazing when you introduce a simple tool like a magnifying glass how outside time changes.

We looked at bugs.

We looked at weeds

We looked at flowers

If you want you can make a small notebook for your child to record or draw what they saw on their nature walk. I chose to skip that and spend the time talking about it with my son over a picnic lunch. Each time he told me what he found he’d jump up to show me exactly where in our backyard he found it.

Happy Earth Day

For More Outside Ideas
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  1. Teri says

    Great ideas! I took my class out yesterday on a nature walk! They (3 yr olds) had so much fun and loved discussing the different things they found. We happened upon a big mud puddle and I asked the kids if they knew how mud was made…they looked at me kind of puzzled and then I prompted them, “Mud is made out of water and….” and one girl pipes up, “BEEF!” 🙂 After I finished chuckling, we talked about how even though mud sometimes looks like beef (the tire tracks maybe??), it was really made of water and dirt! 🙂

  2. Allie says

    Beef !?

    I love it.

    I was teaching about water one day when I asked my class “What happens when you boil water?” I was expecting “It gets hot” or “There is steam” …nope I got ” You get coffee!” it always makes me chuckle, she was right, just not what I was looking for.

  3. Beth says

    Hoping we can be outside in the backyard soon!! But the rain keeps on comin!

    If the rain stops for a bit I will take the kids outside for a nature walk after naps!

    My kiddos are all under 4 and we are making Earth Word Books. Each page has a different theme, trees, recycle, Earth, people etc. There are pictures for the little ones to color, places to add any nature finds from our walk, and lines for our 4 year old to write each word (Earth, recycle, people etc).

    Love your little man’s shirt!!!

  4. Annette says

    Such fun. Unfortunately it was still wet and icky out when Meghan went down for her nap…Bug hunts are always great though.

    I wanted to let you know there is a Super Award waiting for you at my blog. 🙂

    (PS when are you going to sing for us again? I love your songs…especially your frozen expression at the beginning…lol!)

  5. Mom, M.Ed. says

    Benjamin loves to “go sciencing” with his magnifying glass. I made him a nature box filled with: a notebook, various sized magnifying glasses, binoculars, tweezers and a bug catcher (like tongs with a big magnifying bubble on the end).

    He even goes “sciencing” around our house (when it’s too cold or ugly to be outside) and investigates everything.

    Sometimes he only discovers a dust bunny (LOL) and other times–like yesterday–he discovers a real, live flying something-or-another!

    Great photos…great post!

  6. Jen says

    Looks like he had fun! We did a nature journal last year, but this year, I’m thinking about doing a photo journal. Now that my girls are getting older, they are starting to get into photography. They’re not bad for 5 and 7 years old.



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