Crayon Candle

candle made with crayons

I have been wanting to try this for ages, finally I saved up enough crayons from restaurants, and goody bags . This took a while , it was a true nap time creation from the time my son fell asleep until I heard “Mama I’m up” almost 3 hours later. So block off some time without little hands before starting this project.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need many crayons of various colors, something to melt the crayons in ( I use aluminum cup liners in a ratty old cake pan- the wax does leak through sometimes) , some popsicle sticks for stirring, a recycled jar and a candle wick.
  2. Start by setting your oven to 220-265 I am impatient and melt them at 265 but many people have said that that is too hot and they had smoking, so my suggestion is to start low and adjust accordingly.
  3. Peel the paper off the crayons and break into small pieces. I used 7-10 crayons of each color for my candle.
  4. Melt.
  5. Put the wick in the jar and hold onto it as you pour the melted crayon into the jar. If I had had a longer wick I would have wrapped it around a popsicle stick and laid the stick across the jar to keep it in place.
  6. Let the wax set before adding the next color.
  7. This is what happened when I didn’t wait long enough.
  8. Keep adding and letting the color set.
  9. Trim the wick when all colors are added and set.
Update – I lit the candle and it burned well for about 15 minutes, after that the flame got tiny tiny . The smell was fine, although I admit to liking the smell of crayola! Overall I would do this as a pretty decoration, exploration about melting and color mixing and not to make a candle to use in emergencies !
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  1. EntertainingMom says

    Allie… that is brilliant!

    Does the candle smell like Crayola? Not that that is a bad smell… love the smell of new crayons!

    I am working on a list of things to do with glass jars and I would love to link you!

  2. [email protected]'s Explore says

    Fun and pretty! 🙂

  3. Lettie says

    What a fun idea. And so smart about using the foil liners. I made chunky crayons from broken ones the other day. I didn’t even think to line the pan and now it is no good for cooking. Thankfully it wasn’t too great to start with.
    I love reading all of your wonderful ideas everyday and am so impressed that you actively do them so often. 🙂

  4. beauty school drop out says

    its a great idea but crayons don’t melt as candle super well. You get uneven melting that and the wick size is off for the size of candle.
    They are great to add to candle wax for color.

    plus you get that crayola smell.

  5. Allie says

    Smells not bad at all, it burned well for the first 15 or so minutes but now it’s a tiny blue flame, it’s still going…. but barely.

    So in conclusion, cute decoration but don’t depend on it in a power outage 😉

  6. Anonymous says

    First of all you are so blessed…your kiddo naps for 3 hours. Wow! I have two girls, K’Lee 2 years old and Ellie 7 month…I might get 2 hours (on a good day). I just want to thank you for all these wonderful ideas! I just became a stay at home mom (was an engineer)to have more time with them.

  7. Allie says

    I am blessed .

    However, he is also the worlds worst night time sleeper, so when he naps well I am extra blessed!

    Glad I can help – it’s for that exact reason I do what I do 🙂

  8. Boardwalk@ Recycle Christmas Cards says

    It seems obvious now, but I would never have thought of these as a way to recycle crayons. My immediate concern would have been the fumes that the melted crayon might release. but I guess you’re still alive, right?
    .-= Boardwalk@ Recycle Christmas Cards´s last blog ..Recycle Greeting Cards for Arts and Crafts =-.

  9. vapidness says

    When I used to make a lot of candles I always used crayons instead of commercial dye discs to colour the wax. You melt crayon in with the plain candle wax to colour it. The crayons go further, it makes better (and safer) candles, and I’m guessing it’ll smell better too. Have fun!

  10. Grandee says

    How about using an actual candle rather than a wick? Secure it and pour the crayon wax layers just as you mentioned. When you light it you will be burning the candle and not the crayon wax. Would still look the same. Just a thought.

  11. Gigi says

    Brilliant! After reading comments left, I’ve decided to (in the absence of wicks) use actual candles – the container being wider than the candle, melting the crayons and pouring them all around the actual candle. And probably adding a little oil for fragrance. The only available fragrance I have right now is vanilla extract – i think that will do:)


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