Fly Swatter Painting

fly swatter painitng

Kids love painting with things that weren’t made for painting and when the weather is nice taking arts and crafts outside is a must. It’s so much fun to paint with fly swatters because the slap down, splatter the paint and turn an art project into a physical activity. This fly swatter painting is also a fun way to make wrapping paper too.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some craft paper ( mailing sections of stores carry it for cheap, or you can use the opposite side of extra wrapping paper), a dish for paint, paint and a fun fly swatter. You may also need some rocks to hold down the paper if it’s windy.
  2. Cut a large piece of paper.
  3. Pour the paint into a dish – we are using the lid to my brownie pan.
  4. Dip your swatter in
  5. SWAT ! It can splatter so wear yucky clothes in case.
  6. Add a new color
  7. SWAT ! Don’t forget your helmet.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Wrap your gift or hang to display.
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  1. Teri says

    LOL @ don’t forget your helmet…toddlers are so funny!

    Thanks for the disclaimer about all of us not being moms…Mother’s Day is a hard time of year for some of us!

    Great craft!

  2. Talkn58 says

    I have use the fly swatter when working on ‘sw’ blend with preschool speech students. We read the book ‘Gotcha’ by Gail Jorgenson. I have the students glue down large paper flies on the paper. Then with fly swatter we ‘swat’ those flies. It makes a cool looking project with swat marks on those pesty flies. Enjoy


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