Abstract Art Activity

abstract art activity for kids

Kids get so hung up on drawing sometimes and this abstract art can be really liberating. It also helps learn how to color in the lines if you are working on fine motor control. I don’t know what to call this, this is what I used to do in math class, which explains why my grades were so horrible. It is really relaxing, great for a rainy day or even to keep your antsy kids busy while watching a movie or traveling! And they look really cool too.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some markers and paper. Yes that’s it!
  2. Start by drawing loops and squiggles that criss cross all over your paper.
  3. Next using your colored markers fill in the closed shapes however you like.
  4. Keep going until you either fill the whole thing or just feel like it’s done!



  1. EntertainingMom says

    I used to love to do these too! In fact my older two will LOVE them… thanks for reminding me!

  2. Dadaluff says

    We called it “loopy art” when we did it during art lesson in school. I think the children were around 7 years old then. Everyone loved it!

  3. LaDonna says

    I remember doing this in art class on ceiling tiles. I also remember doing it in classes that bored me to death!

  4. Belinda Mae says

    Totatlly forgot about these! It was a Chemistry class past time for me. Wouldn’t it make great large scale wall art for a kids room?!! This brain is just a clicking. Thanks.

  5. Megret says

    My mom taught me how to do this simple art project when I was small! Now I enjoy doing it w/ my two, although they get bored halfway through a lot of times — it’s a work in progress! :)
    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Nicky says

    Love it! Thanks for the idea! With the older kids getting out of school soon…I’m going to need lots of these ideas!

  7. Michelle Sybert says

    I used to do this all the time in Math class! ANd my husband is a math teacher and uses them (or more geometric prefab ones) when he has a substitute!

  8. Jean-Marie says

    My 5 year old and I recently did this as a project at our local art museum. It was called “Take a Walk With A Line.” Before diving into the project everone took a walk outside and observed all of the lines in nature: the ripples on the water, the veins on leaves, the blades of grass, etc. It was a good lesson on what you can create with a simple line.

  9. TeamBrown says

    I used to do that all the time as a kid! I’ve never thought to create those for my kids. Genius!

  10. Scott Traylor says

    There’s something about this activity that reminds me of the artists Miro, Kandinsky and Klee. Maybe an opportunity to share with children the work of these wonderful artists. If you’re unfamiliar with their work, do a Google image search with their names and you will see the similarities pretty quickly.

  11. Tasha says

    Love the bird! How on earth did you manage to “see” the bird as you were colouring :-) You did see it didn’t you? Brown beak, pink eye, yellow wing… 😉

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