Play Coffee Shop

Milk and Sugar

This was a spur of the moment activity that turned out so well that we played again after daddy got home. You don’t have to have props like we made today but I find it helps support younger children and keeps the activity going. Pretend play offers young children a chance to practice skills within their own frame work and rules , so let them set the boundaries, make suggestions if they need it but follow them, not the other way around.

  1. Gather your materials. Grab whatever you have that you think might work for a coffee shop. We grabbed some cups, an apron, play coins, and some foam to be made into coffee. We also used a magna doodle for a menu board and our play kitchen.
  2. To make the foam coffee I just cut up some brown foam sheets into small squares, you could also do this with paper . If your child is one who still puts everything in their mouths I would used something edible like cheerios, the foam and even paper could pose a chocking hazard so be careful.
  3. Set up your coffee shop – first up a menu. I asked my son what was on the menu and how much each cost. Careful our cupcakes will break your bank.
  4. Get your aprons on and start playing – first up, was my tall rice milk cappuccino !
  5. Just keep it going by really being into it with them, you will both have a blast!

Additional Activity !

Click on the picture below to see what we did
with coffee grinds a few weeks ago !


  1. K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice! says

    Are you brilliant for what?!? I just love the stuff you some up with!!!!!!!!

  2. christianmomma says

    Looks like a lot of fun. My oldest LOVES to pretend to drink coffee and play waiter. This will be a perfect weekend activity for us.

  3. Katherine Marie! says

    Delightful!!! Nothing beat pretend play! I never even thought of doing a coffee shop and I used to work at Starbucks?! This would be a way to recycle all my latte cups. Thanks for this idea— I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  4. [email protected] says

    I love this@ And you’re never too young to learn about good coffee, right? YUM! I’ll be linking.

  5. S says

    cute idea. i would buy the cupcakes in a heartbeat. I love how children’s minds work. Thank you for an awesome blog that inspires me to be a super-mommy.

  6. Rebecca says

    So fun!

    Please tell me where did you get your wooden kitchen? We looked for one this Christmas with little luck – but did end up getting an awesome John Deere Wooden Barn. This year for the two I’d like the kitchen still…


  7. Melodie says

    This is awesome. I’m getting almost all my craft ideas and daycare activity ideas from you now. I just have to say that I think your son is one lucky little guy!

  8. Lauren @ Hobo Mama says

    Love it. I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell that Cabbage Patch doll: no shirt, no service. And definitely no pants, no service.
    .-= Lauren @ Hobo Mama´s last blog ..Best posts of 2009 =-.

    • admin says

      That’s Robbie and he’s always naked 😉 We have a bunch of clothes my mom made him in 1985 but alas he always ends up in the buff!

  9. says

    Love it! C likes to play restaurant. She’s co-opted my round Christmas tray and a notebook and goes to town. What’s extra fun? Is when she plays restaurant/waitress when we’re AT a restaurant.


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