Letter of The Week { Flag F }

letter of the week
I thought it appropriate to do something in honor of Memorial Day. This requires some prep but the added bonus of a simple patterning lesson was the best part.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 4 pieces of construction paper ( 2 whites, red and blue), scissors, glue, a star paper punch and a marker.
  2. Draw a large upper case F on your blue paper.
  3. Layer your red and one sheet of white paper with your f and cut out. You only need to cut 2/3 of the way up on the red and white. Save the rest for scrap. This is just a trick to make sure the strips fit the blue f without any trimming.
  4. Punch some stars out of the white scrap.
  5. Cut the red and white paper into stripes.
  6. Glue the F on the 2nd piece of white paper
  7. Add your glue!
  8. Start adding your stripes, when we did we chanted “Red , white, red , white…” and soon I was able to ask what next and the pattern had stuck . Obviously older children would be able to do this sans the chants!
  9. Add more glue at the top of the f.
  10. Add the stars. Let dry.


“Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters” by Scott Gustafson is a treat! I read a lot of alphabet books and this one stands out for so many reasons. Otter is hosting a potluck and his animal friends are all bringing something to share. Each page is devoted to an animal with a coordinating food item and more. This book is reminiscent of Graham Base’s Animalia but mush more toddler friendly. Where Animalia is great for older children because it’s so full of detail, this book brings it down a notch but still enchants you with stunning illustrations and fantastic coordinating text.

“M is for Music” by Kathleen Krull is a wonderful book, however it’s style and illustrations by Stacy Innerst while funky aren’t as literal as I had hoped. This isn’t an issue for older children at all, and I really enjoyed the book but the nuanced illustrations were just too hard for a toddler to make the connections . My son still liked many of the pages especially the G is for guitar one. I would use this book for teaching about music more so than as an alphabet book teaching letters.

“A is for Zebra” by Mark Shulman is a fun and unique alphabet book. Perfect for children who have mastered letter recognition and are up for a fun challenge. The trick is that each letter is represented by the last letter of the coordinating picture . A is for zebra ! You will have fun finding the letter on each page as well as items in the adorable illustrations by Tamara Petrosino.

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  1. Michelle says

    This came out really cute! I actually just did a flag craft with Emily and we used red and white electrical tape for the stripes…it was so much easier for me than cutting out all of those strips.

  2. Annette says

    Adorable and so appropriate!

    Did you recently do a paper craft based on Freight Train by Donald Crews? I didn’t bookmark it, and want to give credit when we do something similar. If it was you, would you send me your link?

    You know I love your projects! Thanks!


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