Letter of The Week K !

Key K!

Driving back from music class Thursday I asked my son what letter he wanted to do this coming week. I like doing this because it gives him a chance to think about letters, he will suggest one, I ask him what craft we made for that and together we brainstorm. After many W suggestions ( his favorite letter) we settled on K !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, some paint ( we used roller paints because it had been a while, but use whatever you feel like, crayons or markers work too! ) , some sticky back foam, scissors and a marker.
  2. Start by drawing an uppercase K on one piece of paper.
  3. Next draw some keys on the back paper of the sticky foam. Do not worry about perfection, as long as your child can tell they are keys you are a ok.
  4. Cut out
  5. Invite your wee one to come and decorate the K, ask them what letter it is and if they are at the stage where they are starting to learn sounds, see if they know the sound. Be relaxed , at this stage we are introducing and exposing kids to this not testing them. There is no pressure and if this causes anxiety in your child – drop it. They have lots of time for school pressure , let’s keep learning fun as long as we can!
  6. Hand your child the keys and let them play with them, while the paint dries. We pretended we were robots and needed the keys to power up and power down.
  7. When the K is dry cut out and glue onto the 2nd piece of paper.
  8. Peel off the backing , and stick the keys onto the K.

Letter Discovery Box

The objective of a discovery box is to introduce your child to a selection of things with a common theme. As they dig through they feel as though they are the explorers finding these amazing things! Depending on the theme you can put all sorts of things in to find. For letter of the week find household items, and familiar toys that they can identify, and connect to the letter they are learning. Older children can be challenged by putting objects that do not start with the letter and have them sort them into two piles.

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