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Robert Munsch
I love Robert Munsch books, in large part because they grab kids attention. I have had so many students who were circle time fidgets freeze, listen and enjoy story time when it was one of this author’s books. The way that some authors get kids emotions, Robert Munsch simply gets kids, he understands what will keep their attention , and more so what will make them laugh. I have reviewed many of Munsch’s works below are my favorites.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is perhaps the classic tear jerking picture book. I read this for years and years to children and had no problem getting choked up, it never bothered me, then I gave birth and I can’t read it without sobbing. The premise is simple, a mom sings this simple song to her son as he grows ” I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as you’re living , my baby you’ll be.” until she can’t sing it anymore and it’s his turn. For days after I read this I tear up as I lay my son in his crib.

Makeup Mess by Robert Munsch . After seeing my son covered in paint this book immediately came to mind. It’s a fun and silly story all about Julie’s desire for make up , she uses all her money and buys $100 worth! Now I do not like to see little girls encouraged to wear make up or made to feel they need it to be beautiful, but don’t worry that is not what this book is about, quite the opposite. It’s a fun book with a good heart!

Moira’s Birthday by Robert Munsch is a silly book, most of his books are, but silly is great! Moira is excited about having her birthday and doesn’t know how to say no to all the kids at school when they beg to come to her party. She ends up with the whole school at her house and her parents don’t know what to do! Luckily Moira does. This book at first look may seem like Moira is a spoiled brat who gets her way but really she is problem solving and when she gives away a present to each child who helps clean up, you can see she just wanted a good party, and isn’t a gift grabbing brat at all! Kids LOVE this book, I have never read it to a class that didn’t laugh hysterically.

Murmel, Murmel, Murmel is on my son’s dresser right now, it’s a current favorite. In the book a little girl finds a baby and quickly decides she needs to give it to an adult. However the adults she finds aren’t exactly suitable. My son loves doing the baby’s part saying “Murmel , murmel, murmel” as I read the rest. The message is about caring for a baby and my son repeats the line about what a baby is for ” loving and hugging and feeding and burping” which warms my heart. The baby eventually finds a loving adult and the little girl’s responsibility is paid off in a very Munsch like way.

Stephanie’s Ponytail is my favorite Munsch book. I feel a little like I am cheating on The Paper Bag Princess but I love Stephanie’s confidence. The story is about Stephanie whose friends, and even teachers start copying how she wears her ponytail. She moves if to the side, to the top of her head even right in front of her face and they keep copying her. So she outsmarts them all with shocking results. I like this book and while reading it to a class I would re-arrange my own hair to match Stephanie’s and have the class in hysterics when my ponytail ended up block my view of the book. The message though is about being your own person, a powerful one for kids today.

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch is one of my very favorite books. Some parents have shared their dislike of Elizabeth’s outburst at the end calling Ronald a bum but I think not only is it justified, he treated her horribly, but people say things when they are angry and you can easily use it to teach your child about anger. I think it’s a wonderful story about a princess taking things into her own hands and saving herself and the prince! My kind of fairytale.

Zoom! is another of my son’s favorite Munsch books. The little girl in the book is looking for a new wheelchair and isn’t satisfied until she has the fastest wheelchair she can get her hands on. What I love about this book isn’t the absurd humor ( which there is plenty of) it’s the fact that the main character being in a wheelchair is the norm. There is no long explanation about why she has a wheelchair , nothing preachy about children with disabilities. I think it’s important to have books that explain disabilities, and to learn more about them but also equally important to have books like this one that are seamlessly assimilated.

Don’t miss Robert Munsch’s awesome website
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  1. The Real Me! says

    I love those books. And I have 2 small boys and I "try" to read the first one and end up crying half way through and they are so sweet because they don't say anything they just listen quietly through my tears.
    I haven't made it through once without tearing up! You gotta love a Mom's heart.
    Thanks for the recommendation on the others. Some I hadn't seen.

  2. Annie @ PhD in Parenting says

    We love Robert Munsch too. When DD was a newborn I bought a whole set of mini Robert Munsch books to put in the diaper bag so that I could read them to DS while DD was nursing when we were out.

  3. Kate says

    I'll Love You Forever…

    We have had that book here for years now. My eldest is 14 years old and he remembers me reading to him and his siblings….we all used to sing the part where it says 'I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." A beautiful story that our whole family loves!


  4. Amber says

    Big Robert Munsch fans here. "Paper Bag Princess" is definitely my favourite. We also love "Alligator Baby". When I was pregnant last summer my daughter was VERY concerned that I would go to the zoo instead of the hospital to give birth. I managed to reassure her. 🙂

  5. Desiree Fawn says

    I always loved Moira's birthday.
    When I turned 5 I invited both of the kindergarten classes at my school — that's about 30 kids 🙂 and didn't tell my mother til the day of my party.
    It was awesome 🙂

  6. Allie says

    I am so glad my love of Munsch is shared! I started reading his books when I was babysitting at age 11. I am still in shock I babysat at that age but I had a little bag filled with crafts, activities and 3-4 Munsch books I'd take with me for the kids to do.

    Interesting I guess NTFFC started in 1988 not 2008, just took a while to share it with a wider audience.

  7. Frances Vineyard says

    I wish I could read Love you Forever, but I just can not. I tried again THIS WEEK at bed time and I was sobbing. The boys said, "Mom, what's wrong?". I said, "We have to pick another book." So funny that you blogged about it this week. Maybe I should try some of the others? 🙂

  8. SkylarKD says

    I love that Robert Munch's website has free audio stories! A lifesaver on long car trips. I loved his books when I was in elementary school, and I always hoped he would visit our school!

    My 2.5 year old daughter's favourites are: The Fire Station, Mmmm Cookies, Thomas' Snowsuit, Millicent and The Wind, 50 Below Zero, The Paper Bag Princess and Alligator Baby. She has them practically memorized!

    I was sad to hear that Robert Munsch had a stroke last year. he seems to be recovering well, judging from an interview I heard on the CBC, but I hope his creative juices are flowing again!

  9. Loukia says

    Love You Forever is just amazing, and I can't help but tear up every single I read it! Have you read the book Someday, which is similar to this book? I don't remember the author, but I cry every single time I read that book. I bought it because it's sooo good.

  10. Susan says

    Robert Munsch has been one of my all time favorite authors for as long as I can remember. The way he is able to showcase and appreciate the world through the eyes of children is remarkable. I have yet to come across a book by him I have not fallen in love with.


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