Letter Of The Week O!

Owl O !
When teaching I always did octopus O, but we’ve already done that here at No Time For Flash Cards. After a few flips through the kids dictionary for ideas for the letter O I laughed at myself for never doing an owl before! I was more excited when my son was eager to do a craft after such a busy day. When it was all done we both couldn’t wait to show it off , my son to his dad and me to all of you! .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 different colors of construction paper, 1 sheet of white paper, some brown paint, 2 googly eyes, glue, a marker and scissors.
  2. Start by drawing a large uppercase O on the white paper.
  3. Have your child paint it. I had to include this picture he was just starting to paint but was ecstatic that he made a happy face .
  4. While your child paints, cut out a large triangle and 2 feet from one color.
  5. Cut out 2 circles with the other paper. Scrap paper would work great for these pieces.
  6. Cut out the painted O and glue onto the 3rd piece of paper.
  7. Add glue to the top of the O ( you can see the smears where he added extra glue, just wipe any spills with a paper towel ) .
  8. Add the triangle
  9. Add more glue
  10. Add the circles
  11. Add the googly eyes.
  12. Add the feet- we stuck them under the O but over is fine too. Let dry.


The Little Brown Owl

Hoo Hoo
Went the little brown owl one night
Hoo Hoo
Went the little brown owl,
Hoo Hoo
Went the little brown owl one night ,
And they all went hoo hoo hoot!

But we all know owls go ,
la di da di da!
la di da di da!
la di da di da!
We all know owls go
la di da di da
they don’t go hoo hoo hoot!


“White Owl , Barn Owl” by Nicola Davies is a really informative sweet book. Although the story is fiction this book is packed with information on every page. The book follows a little girl and her grandpa as they put a nesting box high in a tree for the elusive Barn Owl. They wait and wait and their patience is worth it when they catch a glimpse of the beautiful bird. My son sat for this whole book, listening as I read the facts along with the story. The simple but magical illustrations by Michael Forman were a perfect compliment to the text.

” The Owl And The Pussy Cat”
by Edward Lear and Stephane Jorisch . The classic poem is brought to life with whimsical but pretty illustrations. The story of true love sailing off on a beautiful pea green boat is a classic for a reason, it’s melodic and will appeal to children in many age groups. I had to memorize this in grade 3 for Madame Griffin and still hold it dear to my heart!

“Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell was an instant hit with my son. I knew it would be, much like little Bill the smallest of the three baby owls my son is fond of saying “I want my mommy”. The three birds are distraught when they discover mama owl is not there. I love how they huddle together, and think a lot before mama Owl returns non- challant about the fact that she’d returned. The illustrations of the owls are so expressive , which with very few facial features is impressive. Patrick Benson did a wonderful job bringing all three owl’s personalities out visually as well as making the setting ominous without being frightening to young readers. Great book!

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  1. Tanya says

    Crazy…we just did Owl O last week!!! My daughter is obsessed with owls lately. Go figure!? Your owl is adorable and I will have to check out the first 2 books on your list. We love Owl Babies.

  2. teachingyoungchildren says

    This is awesome, and I will add it to our "Easy Crafts" folder. Here is another great book to add to your Owl collection – An Owl Moon by Yollen. I was surprised that my toddler liked it a lot, but she is also obsessed with owls.

  3. Melissa says

    too cute! i'll definitely do this with my little ones, as well as with my pre-k class when we do our unit on owls. i could never find an easy art project for owls, and you've just provided me with one. thank you!!!

  4. Allie says

    Tanya and MaryAnne – great minds think alike!

    Thanks Beverly and Amber!

    Annette- I played the video last night when I was posting ( way way past my bedtime) and totally got the giggles.

    teaching young children – Yes I got that book from the library and read it myself, I didn't try it with my son thinking he would be too young. You've inspired me, I am going to try it at nap time today.

    Melissa – I am so glad I could help.

  5. Multi-tasking Mommy says

    Very cute!
    What brand are your paint dots? They look like so much fun.
    I know that song, but have always sung it with a frog….of course we could change animals, what a great idea!
    What grade did you teach again?
    I taught JK/SK before becoming a stay at home Mom. I LOVE your site!

  6. Allie says

    Those paints are "Do.A.Dot." They are great but pricey.

    The most recent class I taught was 2-3 year olds, before that it was PreK which is JK age in the states. I have a degree in Elem. Ed but other than my student teaching haven't taught in an Elem. class, although have taught the age often in rec programs / tutored etc… I moved to the states right after graduating from teacher's college.

  7. Angelica says

    I just did it with my daughter, she is into gluing herself so it does not look as cute as yours 🙂
    I love your site, we have done a ton of your projects and I finally started blogging. …off to read owl babies, she loves it!


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