Shape Painting

Tape Shapes

Ever have an idea that works great in your head but by George it just doesn’t work when your hands are making it? Well I knew I wanted to make a shape picture using blue painters tape but it was ripping all my paper. I am not one to give up when I want something. The answer was foam! I love how this eventually turned out. The picture looks blurry but it’s the way the markers blended together- the edges are sharp.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a sheet of foam, some markers, and painters tape. I also used a scrap piece of construction paper ( it had stuff on the other side) and let the tape spill onto it. It gave a nice buffer for the markers when it came time to color.
  2. Start by applying your tape on the foam. I did the application with my son generally pointing where he thought it should go, so he was involved but I could make sure to make shapes.
  3. Color over it all, no need to be careful. We used lots of different colors, you do want to make sure the edges of the shapes are colored. I just kept handing my son new colors and it kept him coloring until they were all full.
  4. Say some magic words and do jazz hands.
  5. Peel the tape off!
  6. Viola magic shapes appear! My so loved this and after figuring out what materials to use it was so so easy.


“Mouse Shapes” by Ellen Stoll Walsh is a cute book that not only helps teach shapes it is also entertaining! The three crafty mice use the shapes to protect themselves from one hungry cat finally using them to make scary mice to frighten the cat away! Kids love to help find which shapes are used in the illustrations and older ones can even anticipate what the mice will make next!
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  1. Karen says

    have been meaning to post a couple of requests for a while! I would love to read a post from you on:

    1/ must-have items and nice-to-haves for a craft-ready household. What would you recommend we stock up on for easy and spontaneous crafting?

    2/ fitting craft activities into your daily schedule. You must spend a lot of time organising your materials and planning the day's activities. How do you stay organised? Personally, I have an idea for a craft, and might actually get around to it oh… three weeks later 🙂

  2. Michelle says

    I did something similar with Emily and we used electrical tape on paper and it came off without any problem. I guess the electrical tape is not as sticky.

    I like the foam idea too…it is neat for them to use different materials!

  3. Tanya says

    the foam idea is brilliant! my paper ripped when we did something similar before, so i just kinda figured oh well. daughter wasn't too impressed, actually got upset w/ rips. will have to try it with foam now!! love how you think ouside the box, allie. btw, nursing at keyboard, so please forgive lack of capitalization.

  4. Allie says

    Electrical Tape- I must try it! Thank you!

    Karen Here is a master craft supply list:

    On the subject of schedule, ours seems to shift from structured to unstructured and back again these days. I have a well stocked art closet, so when I get an idea I usually have what I need. Now I have that because of what I do.

    Planning is done loosely. I found that if I want my son to have fun despite doing a lot of crafts I need to 1. Give him a good amount of the control 2. Be ready to not do something I think is brilliant because he has no interest and forcing him will be counter productive and 3. Have a wee note book always available to jot down ideas. Also many times I have ideas that don't get done for months- little people have a way of stealing your to do list and putting themselves at the top , as they should.

    So I will ask my son what he wants to make every day. If it's do able we do it. Sometimes it gets posted sometimes it doesn't. Lately we go on binges where in one day we do 4 crafts , then we scribble on old check books for the rest of the week. Or play outside or learn about stain removal.. but that's another story.

    Also so much of teaching/learning with kids is about delivery. I try to attack each project with enthusiasm ( and yes many days I fake it til it's real) and he will too, and we will both enjoy it.

    I hope that answered your question!

    Tanya- Nursing at the keyboard is appreciated and welcomed at NTFFC 🙂

  5. Karen says

    Hi Allie

    Thanks so much for your reply! Very helpful and inspirational for us, as is your blog as a whole :-D.

    Moving house soon and envisioning an art closet being somewhere in the new layout…

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