Spray Painting!

Outside Art!

Small spray bottles are a great water toy, I picked these up for 99 cents each and they are perfect. For days we’ve been having a heat wave, and have been playing with these in between running through the sprinkler and blowing bubbles. Today we added some paint and had a blast.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some craft paper, some small spray bottles, liquid washable paint and masking tape.
  2. Pour some paint into the spray bottles , add water and shake. You will want to use dark colors, because the water dilutes it .
  3. Tape your paper to your fence.
  4. Start spraying! Your child will have fun but is also giving their pincer grasp a great workout. We had fun spraying it up close , and far away. Older kids can try to make a picture or have fun watching the drips like we did.


  1. Molytail says

    Looks like fun! A variation on this is food colour/water sprayed on snow sculptures in the winter. :-)

  2. Book-it! says

    It's a GREAT idea! I couldn't help but notice that you are in a shadow in the picture :-) What kind of camera do you have?

  3. Allie says

    A covered in paint and glitter one.. seriously!

    It's a Canon Powershot, it's 3 years old they don't make the exact model anymore. I need a new one but I'm waiting for Santa to bring me one !

  4. Katherine Marie! says

    Sooooo perfect! Soooo much fun! I really love this idea! I hope Santa will come and deliver a camera in July for you!!! As many photos as you take I'm surprised your three year old camera is still clicking— that was a good investment!

  5. Amber says

    My 4-year-old has always loved spray bottles. And paint. Putting them together would totally make her day. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. Andrea says

    Great idea. We have also used $1 store table cloths for our "canvas".

    Its so hot here already, we've been playing with ice cubes and ice blocks (edamame trays make nice big ice chunks) in the emtpied out sand table. Also fun for the tub or kiddie pool and even better with a drop of food coloring.

  7. Rebecca says

    We're re-doing our back yard and will need some cool things for him to do (it's very small!) so this is perfect!! thanks

  8. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Just wanted to let you know I linked to this on my weekly link roundup. Thanks for the great idea! (post can be found here)


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