Learning Outside

hose it down

My son is a little obsessed with the hose. Maybe it’s that he loves firetrucks, or that he sees his dad using it or maybe it’s just because kids are attracted to water like bees to honey! This game got created because my son refused a nap. It was hot, I was cranky so we went outside. I didn’t stay cranky long, we had a blast. Learning outside is the best!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a garden hose ( or squirt bottles) , some sidewalk chalk and a future sharp shooter to play. Don’t forget your sunscreen either!
  2. Start by Drawing letters on your fence ( or patio) I asked my son which letters he wanted .
  3. Hand then the hose and call out the letters.
  4. Spray!!
  5. After the letters we moved to another piece of fence and did shapes!
  6. Spray!!

The sky is really the limit, you can use numbers, sight words for older kids, colors for younger… have fun !


  1. Hannah says

    I do something similar with my son. He insists on showering with me so I bought the crayola water crayons and paints and us them to draw the numbers, shapes, colors etc on the wall. Then he uses a water gun or squirting toy to spray the shapes as I or he names them.

  2. Anonymous says

    All I can say is Thank you…..my 4 yr old has been begging to play with the hose….but I didn't just want to set her loose. Now she will have an objective, there will be less chance for mischief.

  3. Anonymous says

    We used an idea similar to this when I was teaching my kids about evaporation. We did fun stuff with chalk on the driveway, then walked through the chalky puddles to make footprints. When the water evaporated from the prints, the chalky footprint was left. Kids love to jump in puddles, why not learn something as well?!

  4. Amber says

    My 4-year-old also loves the garden hose. And the sidewalk chalk. I know she would get a total kick out of this. I'll definitely give it a whirl this summer. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  5. Jen says

    We had fun with water and chalk today, too! I've been so sick lately, so i just wanted to get them outside doing somehting different. I used water,chalk, toothbrushes, the little medicine syringes for squirting, and paint brushes. I bet they would have had fun playing with the hose, though!

  6. Kayce says

    Great idea!! I plan on using that when my son gets older. He loves to be outside, but me…not so much. It's too hot here!


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